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Hey potty mouths, I'm Trace and this is a freaking DNews Short.
We've talked before about the history of swearing and how it can relieve physical pain.
But now new research published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science
found that people who swear more are associated with higher levels of honesty and integrity!
F*** yeah!
I'm super honest!
Since swearing is a form of self-expression, the researchers say, "those who do it more are
portraying themselves more honestly than those who refrain."
So, if you swear like a sailor (and I know I do), you're probably more honest than
people who swear less or don't at all!
In the study, 276 participants told researchers how much they swear in their daily lives.
They were given a questionnaire which assesses a person's honesty using what they
call a “Lie Scale.”
By comparing those results with the person's level of swearing, the researchers found out that
swearing was associated with higher levels of honesty.
In another part of the study, the researchers analyzed over 73,000 Facebook statuses from
people in the United States.
The statuses were run through software that was programmed to find swear words and also words
that indicate deception.
Once again, those who swore more tended to also be those who told the truth.
And there are other studies that may back these findings.
For example, in criminal cases, innocent suspects were more likely to curse than guilty suspects
when denying accusations!
Plus, people who swear during jury testimonies are perceived to be more credible.
So the next time your mom yells at you for swearing, just say you were being honest!
Science says that's ok.
See how it goes.
Speaking of lying, is it ever ok to lie?
Check out this video to find out.
What do you think about these new findings?
Do you think people who are swearing are more honest?
Let us know down in the fricken comments and make sure you subscribe so you get more DNews.
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Why You Should Be Friends With People Who Curse

81189 Folder Collection
Leo published on March 20, 2017    Leo translated    Sabrina Hsu reviewed
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