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The problem with training alone is that we're in a vacuum.
And you think that you've got to train harder, you've got to train faster.
And that's not really what training's about.
When an athlete hits the wall,
it's a mixture between a physical and a mental block
that they've come upon.
Athletes need guidance to figure out how to get past those blocks.
They need a voice. A coach.
What's my pace?
It's 7 minutes 32 seconds per mile.
Radar Pace isn't a pair of sunglasses, it's actually a coach.
It's a voice in your head that's watching you and guiding you.
The biggest benefit of Radar Pace is that accountability,
the coach being there with you.
The early conceptual part of it was really challenging,
because of the packaging of all the elements.
How do you make it look like we didn't do anything?
We can call it an Intel collaboration, but really Intel challenged us.
Oakley comes at their products from a design-first perspective.
So we had to invent completely new technologies,
we had to invent new manufacturing techniques.
We put 50lbs of tech in a 56-gram frame.
When you put it on, you literally don't know that there's technology on your head.
It's a piece of invisible technology.
So that's really when the art hits the science.
We've been going through this thing for the last two years,
rounds and rounds of tests, we've dunked them in water,
we've actually dropped them from a couple of metres
over and over and over again, and tightened the entire design up.
Okay, Radar, what's my stride rate?
Your stride rate is 88.
Intel Real Speech lets you have conversations.
You're just talking to it, and it's talking back to you.
The real big magic is when Intel brought this coaching engine to us,
we saw what the athlete would use this for.
What Radar Pace does is it allows you to define that goal,
and then gives you the tools to actually do it.
It's this little coach on your shoulder that, in real time, tells you
what changes you have to make to your training at that moment,
so that you get the most out of your workout.
Start workout.
We're going for 20 miles.
Training an athlete is an art, it's a science.
It's a little bit of both.
And you just want to keep the wall advancing for them,
so that they keep reaching it and keep raising their ability.
Nice job, balancing your effort. Keep it up.
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Oakley Radar Pace: Oakley + Intel

151 Folder Collection
alex published on February 11, 2017
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