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  • 25 years ago, the world was introduced to Walt Disney Animation’s "Beauty and

  • the Beast."

  • Its anniversary has given us a chance to reflect on the inner­ workings that gave the 1991

  • classic an everlasting legacy.

  • So, “Be Our Guestand enjoy this week’s episode of Disney Facts, as we highlight production

  • secrets, hidden details, and more.

  • Walt Disney first had the idea for Beauty and the Beast in the early 1940s.

  • Five decades later, the film was finalized after countless revisions and rewrites.

  • For instance, the prologue introducing the movie was written about 200 times before filmmakers

  • finally landed on the one you see in the final version.

  • [She transformed him into a hideous beast.]

  • It was decided upon only months before the movie opened.

  • Although a prologue is a fairly traditional element of classic fairy tales, the filmmakers

  • wanted to distinguish Beauty and the Beast from its predecessors.

  • Rather than guiding viewers through a book, like many other fairy tale films, they opted

  • for the beautiful stained glass montage.

  • In early development, lyricist​ ​Howard Ashman fought for a version of the story that

  • would include a small child version of the Beast, which much of the team found laughable,

  • bizarre, and too similar to Eddie Munster.

  • However, this does affirm the amount of contemplation that took place over the look and feel of the Beast.

  • After several drawings and revisions, Glen Keane is credited with designing and

  • creating the Beast that we're familiar with today.

  • There was also a lot of discussion over the character Gaston.

  • In addition to his aesthetic, filmmakers carefully considered which voice actor would portray him.

  • [Ah, this is the day your dreams come true.]

  • In order to get the part right, one of the audition songs for the part of Gaston was

  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

  • A song with the energy that can spark an entire stadium to sing in unison, filmmakers considered

  • it the precursor to his infamous song in the pub.

  • In earlier versions of the film, Maurice gave Belle a music box for her 17th birthday.

  • The music box was discussed as a potential character, but that was eventually replaced

  • with Chip.

  • [But I’m not sleepy.]

  • [Yes you are.]

  • All of this goes to show what a labor of love creating this film proved to be.

  • However, some of its magic came in the matter of seconds.

  • Several lines throughout the film were ad ­libbed or

  • improved by the actors, which helped in humanizing some of the characters.

  • Here’s one of our favorite improvised lines: [Flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t

  • intend to keep.]

  • After all of the creative decisions were said and done, it was time to debut the film.

  • A work ­in ­progress screened at the New York Film Festival on September 29th 1991.

  • Disney had never done anything like this before.

  • As for the result?

  • The film received a 10 ­minute­ long standing ovation.

  • This set the trend for critical acclaim.

  • Beauty and the Beast went on to became the first animated movie to ever be nominated

  • for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

  • Today, it remains the only traditionally­ hand-drawn animated movie to ever gain the

  • prestigious nod.

  • Fast­ forward to 2016, and the legacy of Beauty and the Beast continues to evolve.

  • Next spring, about 75 years after Walt Disney first started developing the story, the live

  • action recreation will be released.

  • While its release is anxiously awaited, the 25th Anniversary Edition of the animated classic

  • is available for a limited time.

25 years ago, the world was introduced to Walt Disney Animation’s "Beauty and

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