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[Opening bars of "That's What Makes You Beautiful"]
Oh god
Oh snap
Oh my god, that's One Direction!
One — One Direction — One Direct— [laughs]
Oh god, another boy band though
When will it end?
(lip syncs) everyone else but you
(lip syncs) Baby you light up my world like nobody else
♪ The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed ♪
(sings) You don't know, oh-oh You don't know you're beautiful
They're a group of Justin Biebers.
This song is actually pretty catchy. Like, I'm not gonna lie.
(whispers) God, they're so cute.
I feel like such a conformist, but I can't help it.
Oh my god, why are they so serious?
Typical boy band...
That's my band
I don't like the fact that they're at the beach and they still have their shirts on.
There's one girl, and how many...? Five boys?
Someone's being a little promiscuous!
(sings) That's what makes you beautiful
Good video.
Oh, I love that song!
If people think that this is actually good music,
then it's, like — it's, like, so embarrassing
to our, like, human race.
[Background music]
So, do you know who that group was?
Absolutely not.
One Direction.
That was One Direction!
One Direction!
One Direction!
Where did you first hear about them?
Oh, on Facebook.
I've heard about them for a while.
You know, people are like
(imitating) 'Oooo, One Direction, I love them!' on Facebook.
Do you like One Direction?
They're alright. Like, their song's pretty catchy.
Yes! I love them.
Ahh! Oh my god, I hate that I like them
'cause I feel like such a conformist!
I thought to myself, like, 'Okay, if I have an opinion on One Direction,
I should know, like, at least, like, not just this one song'
'cause this song is actually pretty catchy,
but, like, they seem EXTREMELY annoying.
So I listened to the whole album
and it was like
it was like
like, so bad.
So, you like One Direction?
I do.
They're cute, and I like their music — it's catchy!
They're cute, and... I don't know.
They just — they have really fun personalities.
So sexy.
So good-looking!
How can you NOT like them?
Why do you think this group has become so popular?
Because they're a bunch of pretty boys.
Because they're British! All girls love British boys.
They're, like, clean-cut,
so, it's like, little kids are allowed to like it.
How would you describe the music they make?
Pop music.
Overproduced, dumb bubblegum pop.
A lot of times they actually sing about, like, girls being beautiful,
as opposed to how to get a girl, so I like that. I respect that.
And where are they from?
The UK?
England, right?
Okay, well, all of them are from England, except for Niall.
Niall is Irish.
And do you know the band was formed?
A record label probably put them together, is my guess.
They were on the X Factor!
The X Factor.
It's actually interesting, because I found out all this information NOT on the Internet, on the computer
but by actually talking to people.
They all auditioned separately and then the judges kind of put them together and made One Direction.
Does that matter to you, hearing that, like, this isn't, like,
a group that organically decided, 'We're gonna do this'?
Instead it was all manufactured by producers to become popular?
No, if the chemistry is there — you know what I mean?
If everybody gels right, then it's a good fit.
I just don't think you're, like, worth as much as an artist.
You're a performer.
I guess it does kind of make it, like,
a little, like,
Oh, so you guys don't think that?
Like, you didn't write that song?
That does kind of make me sad, you guys.
Another thing that makes me so mad!
They were so, like, conjured up and thought up and — and brought together.
I don't even know why they make me so fangirly!
And what if they weren't cute boys?
Do you think they would be popular?
Not at all.
No! Absolutely not.
Not AS popular.
For this demographic? Where they're really gonna go crazy for, like,
why they're gonna come to your concerts
why they're gonna buy your merch with their face on everything
is because you look good. I'm sorry.
Sad fact of life.
Do you have a favorite member of the group?
Liam. 'Cause I got my picture with him.
Zayn Malik.
I don't even who even know who any of them are
except for that hairy guy.
I don't even know the people's names.
And who's your favorite music artist right now?
Jessie J.
The Naked and Famous
Fun. The band Fun.?
??? but no one's heard that.
I'm a really big fan of Wale.
I'm really liking Radiohead right now.
Carrie Underwood. I, like, love country.
How would you classify this group?
Like, a group of guys together in a singing group. What is that called?
A gay one?
A boy band.
A boy band!
What other boy bands have you heard of over time?
Those Asian ones! There's a lot in, like, China or Japan or whatnot.
Boyz II Men
'NSync, Backstreet Boys
Jonas Brothers. That was my first concert.
The Wanted.
Justin Bieber is like a boy band within itself.
I know a lot of people have been comparing them to The Beatles
which is weird to me.
'Cause they're nothing like The Beatles.
Why is it that boy bands become so popular
then go away for literally years at a time
before suddenly new boy bands start springing up?
'Cause you have to let it die down
so that people kind of totally forget about the other boy bands
so they won't compare them.
It gets old. You know?
Like all the songs sound the same.
Maybe it, like, takes time for girls to, like, get over
the other boys and then they're like,
Where are the boy bands? and then they come back.
It's like with anything.
When it's gone for a while, it eventually has to come back.
Leg warmers! In in the '80s and they're in now!
Kind of.
Sort of.
Do you think this is gonna happen to One Direction?
They'll be obsolete soon?
Probably, yeah. I mean, it happens to everyone.
It's not gonna happen! OK?
What happened to the Jonas Brothers? What happened to 'NSync?
It's not gonna happen. It's not gonna happen!
And if One Direction happened to come across this Teens React
what would you say to those guys?
I love you guys so much and you're so cute and talented.
Try to make music that's more meaningful.
I'm not a big fan of your music, but you know, just keep on keep on-ing.
Niall, see you — down the aisle? In a couple years?
There's not a black person in the group. I could be that black person in the group.
We should start a multicultural boy band.
We should.
Call it, like, The Dalmatians or something
Like one white, one black, you know what I mean?
Hey guys! Remember when I told you I was going to be on My Music?
Well... I'm finally on it!
Go over to My Music channel and subscribe to watch me on My Music
every week!
OK! Bye!
And now I will tell you a joke.
What did the sushi say to the bee?
Wassa, bee?
Hahahaha [clap]
[End screen music]
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386 Folder Collection
alice lin published on February 5, 2017
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