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Edward John "Edd" China is an English TV presenter, mechanic, motor specialist
and inventor. He is best known as being presenter and mechanic on Discovery
Channel's TV show Wheeler Dealers but has featured in numerous television
programmes over the years, including Top Gear, Scrapheap Challenge and Fifth
Gear. China is managing director of two
companies, Grease Junkie, an MOT and Servicing Garage, the website for which
also sells Wheeler Dealers and Grease Junkie merchandise; and Cummfy Banana
Limited, an outlet for his wacky automotive creations and world record
attempts. China holds many Guinness World Records,
including the fastest shed, toilet, bed, milk float and the largest motorised
shopping trolley in the world. Early life
China had an interest in cars and all things mechanical from a young age. He
was educated at King Edward's School, Witley and holds a degree in Engineering
Product Design from London South Bank University.
While at University, China created the Casual Lofa, which was his first major
project of note. It was built to raise money for a Raleigh International
expedition to Belize. Television career
Guest Appearances 1994 - Following the success of his
creation of the Casual Lofa, he got his first job in television as a special
effects technician on Father Ted.1998 - China appeared as a guest on Top Gear
Live, driving the Casual Lofa at the Silverstone 'Live Arena'. The same year,
China and the Casual Lofa were also featured on Jeremy Clarkson's DVD "The
Most Outrageous Jeremy Clarkson Video In The World.... Ever!", where the Casual
Lofa was raced at the Thruxton Circuit. China was also featured on Channel 4's
The Big Breakfast three times over the years, driving the Casual Lofa, Bog
Standard and Street Sleeper.2000 - China was a guest on Scrapheap Challenge in an
episode featuring driving beds and sofa cars. In the same year, China was
featured in an episode of the UK TV show This Is Your Life featuring Madness
Frontman Suggs. China drove presenter Michael Aspel around old haunts and
delivered Aspel to the television studios on the Casual Lofa.2001 - China
was interviewed about all of Cummfy Banana's vehicles on ITV's Pulling
Power.2002 - China was resident designer on the BBC series Panic Mechanic, and
was also a guest on Top Gear feature "Build a Bond Car On A Budget", where he
showcased a Rover 800 that had been modified with budget Bond-esque gadgets,
such as an ejection seat, for merely £100.2003 - China was a part of an
expert team converting a Milk Float into a drag racer on Channel 4's Monster
Garage.2005 - China was a celebrity guest on BBC show Ready Steady Cook for
a Children in Need special.2006 - China was interviewed on ITV's This Morning
about his Cummfy Banana vehicles.2007 - Owing to his Guinness World Record
attempts, China was featured in many programmes including Fifth Gear, Pulling
Power and This Morning showcasing his Cummfy Banana creations.2008 & 2009
China was a guest on The Culture Show, being interviewed and driving Arthur
Smith and various other performers around the Edinburgh Festival.
The double-deck cars in Top Gear were also manufactured by China.
He, along with Penny Mallory, Tony Mason and Alex Riley presented a UK television
mini series that examined the history and culture of classic cars, and geared
toward classic-car enthusiasts called "Classic Car Club" for Discovery which
premiered in 2005. Other work
China owns an MOT and Servicing Garage in Bracknell, Grease Junkie. He does not
work at the garage due to time constraints from his filming schedule,
but has chosen the mechanics who work there with a view to providing superior
service and ability than rival garages. Following the success of his creations
as a special effects technician on the comedy television programme Father Ted,
China set up Cummfy Banana Limited, in March 1999, as an outlet for his extreme
creations and world record attempts. Guinness World Records
Personal life China has particularly keen interest in
anything to do with design, science, mechanics and things that move. His most
current projects include the design and creation of an electric production model
of the sofa-car, as well as an electric vehicle-charging system for Vevox
Systems. China lives and works in Maidenhead with
his wife Imogen. References
External links Edd China's Facebook Page
Grease Junkie Website Edd's Twitter account
Wheeler Dealers Official Website Edd's YouTube account
Cummfy Banana Website
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Edd China

528 Folder Collection
Andy Tsay published on February 5, 2017
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