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  • One, two. One, two.

  • W-W-W-Whao!

  • What's going on? (cellphone clicking)

  • Dude, what are you doing? Sorry.

  • Pay attention, man. One, two.

  • You guys. Guess what happened just now.

  • You stopped rowing. Canoe started spinning.

  • Nope.

  • I matched this amazing girl on an online dating site.

  • She's French! Like the kissing.

  • Stop talking. We're gonna sink. Oh, sorry.

  • One, two.

  • All right. We're almost there, guys.

  • One, two.

  • W-W-W-Whao! No, No, No, No, No, No!

  • No! No! Yes!

  • I can't believe this!

  • Celine messaged me -- She messaged me!

  • Look!

  • Whoa

  • Dude, congratulations. You finally did it, man.

  • (laughs) Aww, shucks.

  • What will you do in France? Uh, I don't know.

  • But it's going to be the most romantic experience of my life.

  • (French music playing)

  • (birds chirping) Ahh!

  • So, what'd she say?

  • Oh.

  • She says "Hi."

  • Well, say something.

  • Uh, Uh, What do I say?

  • Start with a joke. I don't know any jokes.

  • Okay, here , here, here. I got one.

  • Why do French people eat snails?

  • Um, okay.

  • Cause they don't like FAST food.

  • Ha, that's a good one.

  • Whoa! She likes it!

  • Man, she sounds like a cool lady.

  • You're totally in. Okay , okay, now what?

  • Throw in some thingies. Thingies?

  • Yeah, you know, the shapes and stuff.

  • You know? Ice bear's got this.

  • ♪♪

  • You're welcome. Ooh.

  • She thinks I'm cute.

  • Whoo-hoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo-hoo!

  • Oh, we did it! You write me in Paris, okay?

  • I will, brother.

  • ♪♪

  • Uh, guys, she's asking me what my job is.

  • She's gonna hate me if I tell her.

  • That I don't really do anything.

  • Hey, you don't tell her that, man.

  • Help me! All right. Let me do this for you.

  • Hey, hey, where are you going?

  • French people love art.

  • What? Stop! What are you doing?

  • No. Don't send it! Stop!

  • (groans)

One, two. One, two.

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