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I feel the need...
The need...
for jet engines to create thrust in order to have differential pressure on
the wings which achieves aerodynamic lift at high velocity!
No man, it's I feel the need for speed.
Well what did I say?
How Top Gun Should Have Ended
We're in deep out here, Maverick. How about some help? Engage, engage!
I got your mate dead ahead, Ice. Don't worry buddy, I got tone.
Great shot, Mav. Thanks!
Yea no sweat, pal.
Let's get the rest of these suckers.
We got one on our tail.
Don't worry, I'm here for you Mav. I got him. I got him.
Nice work my friend!
You've got skills.
Thanks for the compliment, brother. Look out! There's another one!
Dead, baby!
Nice job! Thanks for helping out a friend in need.
Hey, I couldn't have done it without you.
You're the best.
No, you're the best.
Hahaha, no way. You're the best.
You're the best.
Nah, I couldn't be the best. You're the best.
You are.
What the heck is going on up there?
You guys sure are chums all of a sudden.
Yeah I'm sorta shocked at all this change in character.
BFF's baby!
All the way!
Watch the birdie.. Kaplow!!!!
Remaining ones are bugging out because of our teamwork and kindness! Woo!
We are laughing..
(clapping and cheering)
You're still dangerous.
But you can be my wing man any---
My real best friend is dead because of you.
She took my wheels
I wanna squeals..
goodness gracious great balls of flames.
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How Top Gun Should Have Ended

909 Folder Collection
Ray published on January 25, 2017
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