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  • GRACE HONIGSBERG: Hello, I'm Grace.

  • I live here at Hidden Pastures Alpaca farm with 65 alpacas in

  • the back yard.

  • PAUL HONIGSBERG: Hi, my name is Paul Honigsberg.

  • I live here at Hidden Pastures.

  • I like these alpacas a lot.

  • ANTHONY: Hi, I'm Anthony, and I'm Paul's friend.

  • I'm nine years old, and I come here a lot.

  • I know a lot about alpacas too.

  • KAYLE DEFRANK: Hi, I'm Kayla DeFrank.

  • I come here a lot.

  • I basically know my way around here blindfolded.

  • GRACE HONIGSBERG: This is something

  • called fiber on them.

  • And if you see the inside of it, it's very crimpy.

  • That's ideal in an alpaca.

  • NATALIE BURGER: These alpacas were shorn in April, so they

  • probably only have about an inch of fleece right now.

  • At full fleece, they'll have four to six inches of fleece,

  • and they'll be shearing 5 to 15 pounds of

  • fleece off their bodies.

  • I love to send my fleece to a mill to make it into yarn, and

  • then I sell yarn at the various yarn shops in the

  • area, as well as we go to different farmers markets with

  • an alpaca just to let people know what an alpaca is and

  • what a wonderful product they do create.

  • KAYLE DEFRANK: Alpaca socks in the winter are extremely warm.

  • I usually sleep with them because they just keep my body

  • heated instead of, I'm cold, I'm cold.

  • -Who's this little guy?

  • GRACE HONIGSBERG: This is a girl, her name is Jewel.

  • She's about six months, half a year old.

  • KAYLE DEFRANK: This is Neptune's baby.

  • There's her mom, Neptune.

  • This baby has blue eyes, which means she's

  • deaf and can't hear.

  • She's very adorable and fuzzy.

  • -And how old is she?

  • KAYLE DEFRANK: Four days old.

  • -Four days.

  • GRACE HONIGSBERG: This one's Terror.

  • He's the terror of the group, but he bothers everyone else

  • in the herd.

  • He doesn't have a name yet, but he's very cute.

  • They make a humming noise, which is what Charisma is

  • making to her baby.

  • They also make a clicking noise, that distinct click.

  • KAYLE DEFRANK: And when the male is breeding with the

  • female, he "orkles"?


  • KAYLE DEFRANK: Orgles.

  • -What does that sound like?

  • KAYLE DEFRANK: You can't make the noise.


  • GRACE HONIGSBERG: This is baby Cassia.

  • She's got very exotic marks on her head.

  • They come in 22 natural colors.

  • They are very sweet animals.

  • They're just around you.

  • They're not trying to hurt me in any way.

  • KAYLE DEFRANK: They're not trying to run away from us

  • because they think we're a threat.

  • They're just being peaceful.

  • GRACE HONIGSBERG: Yes, they're very peaceful animals.

  • -And they can't bite you?

  • GRACE HONIGSBERG: They cannot.

  • TOGETHER: They only have bottom teeth.



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Cute Alpacas!

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