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  • Jack and I met on a magical night out.

  • When I humiliated myself more than I've ever had before.

  • It was probably the best moment of my life,

  • and maybe the worst of Jenn's.

  • For the first time ever in my career, I never assumed anyone knows who I am.

  • And I saw Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams, and I was like...

  • I was like... that's fine.

  • We're all coworkers like I can just go

  • So I was like, be right back guys, I'm gonna say hi to the Star Wars dudes.

  • And I approached the table and I was like... (Laughing)

  • And then all the whole table was just like... (Laughing)

  • So I realized while I was dancing I was like,

  • "They have no idea who I am."

  • So I just turned around and walked back and then

  • dying...

  • I've done this show with Harrison Ford.

  • And he's like the only A-list Hollywood star that I know

  • He's the only one that I have.

  • So she's just been blanked and I was like,

  • "Hey that's all right. I'll go say hi to Harrison."

  • And everyone in the group was like,

  • "Jack! Don't do this! You will be humiliated."

  • I was like, "nah, me and Harrison are tight."

  • They genuinely had no idea.

  • So I get up. I walk over and at this point, I'm like

  • "Oh God! Maybe he won't remember me. And I will be humiliated as well."

  • I walked over and literally as I walked over,

  • he was like, "hey, Jaaaack!"

Jack and I met on a magical night out.

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