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  • The President: Hello, everybody.

  • After eight years in the White House, Michelle

  • and I now rejoin all of you as private citizens.

  • We want to thank you once again from the bottom

  • of our hearts for giving us the incredible privilege

  • of serving this country that we love.

  • We also want to tell you a little about what

  • we'll be up to next.

  • Mrs. Obama: First, we're going to a little break.

  • We're finally going to get some sleep and take some

  • time to be with our family, and just be still

  • for a little bit.

  • So, we might not be online quite as much as you're

  • used to seeing us.

  • The President: But before that, we want to invite

  • you to help us with just one of the projects

  • we're excited to work on when we get back.

  • Check out this website for our presidential center.

  • The center will be based on the south side of Chicago,

  • but it will have projects all over the city,

  • the country, and the world.

  • More than a library or museum, it will

  • be a living, working center for citizenship.

  • That's why we want to hear from you.

  • Tell us what you want this project to be and tell

  • us what's on your mind.

  • Mrs. Obama: Send us your ideas, your hopes,

  • your beliefs about what we can achieve together.

  • Tell us about the young leaders and companies

  • and organizations that inspire you.

  • This will be your presidential center just

  • as much as it is ours.

  • So, we want you to tell us what we should be thinking

  • about as we get to work.

  • It's going to take all of you and your ideas

  • to make it a reality.

  • As I've said many times before, true democracy

  • is a project that's much bigger than any one of us.

  • It's bigger than any one person, any one president,

  • any one government.

  • It's a job for all of us.

  • It requires everyday sustained effort from

  • all of us.

  • The work of perfecting our unions never finish

  • and we look forward to joining you in that effort

  • as fellow citizens.

  • Thank you and we will see all of you again soon.

  • Bye-bye.

The President: Hello, everybody.

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