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Freak! Idiot!
...Psycho! Loser!
No one likes bullies.
Bullying turns people into monsters who hurt and humiliate others.
And who likes monsters?
I mean, other than in the movies, where we love blowing them up.
Maybe you have never hit anyone or shoved someone's head in the toilet, but remember that time you ignored a friend request because you were worried of what people might think?
Or that embarrassing picture that you helped share?
Monsters aren't real, but your actions, how harmless they may seem, can have a monstrous impact and alter a person's life.
We might all be different, but we all deserve to be treated with the same respect.
[Stop bullying]
So next time you avoid someone because they're different, don't be a monster, be a better human!
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Don't be a bully, loser

29595 Folder Collection
Raina published on February 6, 2017    flower2006 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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