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  • Man, I wish we still got red envelopes, you know?

  • -You don't? -You do?

  • Oh, hey Scott!

  • Hoooow's it going? So uh... isn't it Chinese New Year today?

  • Yeah, it is, actually, well, a lot of people also go by "lunar new year", but...

  • Oh. I'm sorry. You're right. Of course.

  • Why don't the three of you take the rest of the day off and celebrate?

  • That's great, thanks Scott!

  • Guys. Do you realize what just happened?

  • Yeah bro, happy hour started right... NOW!

  • No no no no no. We just got the day off for a Chinese holiday.

  • What's your point?

  • New Year's just passed, but just because we put a "Chinese" in front of it,

  • it becomes a whole new holiday that we celebrate, and...

  • And get off work for!

  • Dude, this could be the single greatest cultural breakthrough in occupational history!

  • Seriously, I mean think about it.

  • If Ali Haji over there said that he was leaving because it was... Mexican labor day, you wouldn't doubt it.

  • -No! -They already have their own independence day!

  • And if Pou just said that, you know... there was a Indian version of Christmas, we'd believe it.

  • Definitely!

  • Think of how many holidays there are that we can just say that there's a Chinese version of!

  • Dude, Columbus Day. Chinese Columbus Day. "Co-lam-ba!"

  • -Chinese Valentines Day! -Ah, that... they already have one.

  • They don't know that.

  • I have some cousins in Vancouver, can we do Canadian holidays, too?

  • Like Chinese Boxing Day.

  • Why not? I mean, Chinese Mardi Gras, Chinese St. Patrick's Day, Chinese Cinco de Mayo...

  • Dude, we could party all the way through Spring!

  • And I'm not even Chinese.

  • Yes!!

  • -Happy Chinese Easter, every one! -Right, hahaha!

  • Ah, I'm sorry, that deal was for a Fourth of July sale, which was two weeks ago.

  • Oh ok. Well, I mean, you know what today is though, right?

  • Happy Chinese Fourth of July!

  • Who do you think invented fireworks?

  • Happy Chinese Halloween!

  • -Andrew. -Hey, Scott.

  • -You're two hours late. -Yeah, it's Chinese Daylight Savings.

  • Right, right.

  • Happy Chinese Thanksgiving!

  • -Works for me! -謝謝!

  • Happy Chinese Christmas!

  • Hey hey hey guys, happy Chinese Christmas!

  • Chinese Christmas? That's a thing now?

  • It's based off the lunar calendar.

  • Guess what today is...

  • Oh, hi.

  • Hey. Where's Scott?

  • Oh, Scott, he got fired last week. Well, "let go".

  • Apparently, productivity in this office was pretty awful.

  • I'm his replacement.

  • That's great!

  • So what's up?

  • Oh. We just wanted to let you know that today is...

  • Who's ready for Chinese Martin... woah, woah.

  • Just want to say hi, and, welcome!

  • -We should probably sit this one out. -Probably.

  • But we're still on for Chinese Yom Kippur, right?

  • Hell yeah.

  • Hey everyone, let us know in the comments below.

  • What national holiday you would exploit with your culture?

  • Just kidding. Just kidding.

  • Don't do that, do not do what just happened in the video, you will not get away with it.

  • But check out these other videos, we think you will like them,

  • be sure to subscribe for more sketches,

  • and we hope you guys have a very happy, Chinese/lunar New Year.

  • -恭喜發財。-新年快樂。

Man, I wish we still got red envelopes, you know?

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