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- Have you ever heard of a Costco teddy bear?
It's, like, the world's largest teddy bear?
It's nothing too small.
It's giant.
It's eight feet tall.
- And it's so cuddly.
- It is cuddly.
We had a little fun this week.
We bought 10 of these bears.
We did all kinds of crazy stuff.
We got a trampoline.
We jumped off the roof into this,
into 10 different teddy bears.
We also did a little experiment to see
how many giant teddy bears you can fit
inside of a Tesla.
That was fun.
Now, we're gonna do our most dangerous,
most fun thing yet.
We are heading out to the desert.
We are gonna see what's inside one of these teddy bears.
And, on our family channel,
we have a bunch of teddy bears on there.
It's, like, basically Costco teddy bear week.
- What's inside family.
- This is gonna be our spot, right here.
Take a look at the mountain.
There's a cactus up there.
There's rocks and everything.
I think that's a good spot.
(hip-hop music)
That's heavy.
That's heavy.
- I have the knives.
- Okay, you got the knives, good.
I'm sorry to all of you that are sad
that we're cutting open the bear.
I got this knife, it's red.
It's not a thousand degrees.
I know it looks red like the thousand degree knife
but it just happens to be red.
That's a trend right now.
Let's get into this guy.
Okay, I'm just gonna go for it.
- Go for it.
- All right, bear, we're cuttin' you open.
- Lot's of fluff.
- Oh, boy.
As you would expect the innards,
oh, whoa, that's a little net there.
It's got a little...
Look at this.
Here's what we've got.
This bag of stuff.
This would be considered his intestines, his stomach.
This that goes all the way from his--
- Oh, man down.
- Man down, teddy bear down.
Look at this thing.
Look at that.
That's big.
Looks like a giant pillow.
I think that's pretty much it.
Then it's just all this stuff.
Think I can climb in there?
I'm going in, man.
That is nice.
Wonder if I can get all the way in.
All right, well, I got the arm.
Where's the other arm?
There it is.
How's that look?
Oh, Lincoln.
("Happy Together" by The Turtles)
(record scratches)
(gasping) Oh, my gosh,
that's hot in there.
If we're gonna put it all back in.
We're gonna put some explosives inside of it
and see if we can blow it up
'cause why not?
I just wanna say, I was surprised.
I thought this was gonna be all
of this kind of material inside of it.
- Yeah, it had that big spine pillow.
But I understand why they have to have that
'cause then the teddy bear would be like this.
- Yeah, so, there is some thought behind this.
They don't just stuff a bunch of stuff in here.
They want it to sit up as much as possible
and to be strong and sturdy so that you can cuddle it
and have it at your house.
It's the new year.
So, how do you break in the new year?
With fireworks, with explosions,
with exploding teddy bears.
You can see the teddy bear up there
it just doesn't look that big.
Wait till I run up by it and you can just see
for the scale you can see how big it really is.
Watch this.
All right, there you go.
You see that?
That's how big that thing is.
We are much closer than what everybody else is.
I think the drone's got a good shot.
I'm nervous.
Don't know it's gonna go.
(heart beating)
- [Lincoln] Oh, my gosh!
What was that?
Oh, my, gosh!
That was crazy!
There's another arm over there.
Look at this.
There's his face.
Here's what the eyes look like on the bear.
Well, the back side of the eyes.
That's what's inside of that guy.
That rumbled, like, I could feel that.
It just like--
Look at his legs how they split across.
Here's the groin right here.
Both legs and then the groin.
Look at that.
We're gonna call the start of the new year
teddy bear week.
How many of these giant teddy bears
can you fit inside of a Tesla?
What's it like to put 10 of them in a trampoline
and jumping off the roof?
Is it safe?
Go to our family channel, subscribe to that.
We've got videos coming out this week
with 10 gigantic teddy bears.
2017 is going to be a bear.
Now, yes, we are going to clean all this up.
(easy listening music)
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What's inside the World's Largest Teddy Bear?

890 Folder Collection
April Lu published on January 15, 2017    April Lu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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