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  • Since you dance a lot in the movie "La La Land",

  • we're gonna play Last Dance.

  • It's kind of like a hot potato but dancing.

  • We each gonna take turns doing whatever dance comes up on the screen behind us,

  • and when you hear the "Ding" that means it's the other person's turn and you have to freeze in whatever position you're in until it goes back to you,

  • and when the music stops, if you're the last person dancing, you lose.

  • Okay.

  • Great. Alright.

  • It'll be so fun! I've never played this before.

  • You'll start.

  • -Okay. -Ready?

  • Tap Dance

  • Interpretive Dance

  • Stanky Leg

  • Ballet

  • Single Ladies

  • Whip Nae Nae

  • Twerk

  • Country Line Dance

  • Belly Dance

  • Irish Jig

  • Running Man

  • Is is just this? Is it this?

  • No, that's not it.

  • Can Can

  • Vogue

  • Disco

  • Waltz

  • The Roboot (The Robot)

  • The Spinkler (The Sprinkler)

  • The sprinkler is, it's like a...

  • Oh the spinkler!

  • It says the spinkler!

  • Make something up.

  • What is this...

  • I was like, I do not know that one!

  • -I do not know The Spinkler. -Well, I also had The Reboot.

  • Alright. The spinkler is what I shall call you from now on. So

  • Sweaty Spinkler Stone.

  • Sweaty Spinkler is what I call you.

  • La La Land opens in theaters December 9th.

Since you dance a lot in the movie "La La Land",

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