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What a character chooses to drink says a lot about them
A martini, shaken not stirred.
if they get a shot of whiskey, they're cool.
If they order a fine chardonnay,
they're probably trying to go for class.
But there's one drink in cinema that requires a bit of explanation
I see you're drinking one percent, is that cause you think you're fat?
Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of milk is youth and innocence.
When a sixteen year old, uses his charm and grace to mimic being a pilot
We're reminded of his age by his drink choice.
Would you like a drink after take-off?
In "A Clockwork Orange", the adolescents drink milk
a gentle reminder that all this mayhem is being caused by kids.
James Dean famously nurses a bottle of milk in such a way
that we get a visual cue of his conflict between maturity in adulthood.
Of course if you don't drink milk then you're manly.
how tough am I?
how tough am I?!
I had a bowl of nails for breakfast this morning
He, yeah. So?
without any milk.
Ah.. right this way. Sorry, to keep you waiting.
If you want to go for a deep reading
you could say that Kevin spilling milk in home
alone is a symbol of his lack of
\maternal nourishment or you could say
John Hughes just wanted the visual joke
of everybody crying over spilled milk.
But this only scratches the surface many
adults also drink milk and that's where
it gets more complicated.
Milk is a symbol of childishness so it's humorous
to see "Leon the professional"
a hyper-masculine assassin drinking it throughout the movie.
It fits into the
comedic moments of the movie, but it also
sheds light on his maternal side as he...
takes Matilda under his wing
in this instance drinking milk is a joke but
many times drinking milk has the
opposite intent, it's creepy.
There's something off about a grown man
drinking milk and filmmaker seem to be
well aware of this intuition
In "Hitchcock's suspicion" the audience
suspect that the milk maybe poisoned,
it's an eerie choice to have milk, a drink we
associate with innocence and purity be
the drink that may be poisoned.
I don't think it would have had nearly the same
effect if it were a cup of coffee or
a shot of whiskey
there's something delightful about
making milk threatening we see this
again "Inglorious Basterds" Colonel Hans
Landa chugs a glass of milk from Lapid's
farm and it has the creepy factor
but there's more to it than that
I quote the social theorist rolling bars
and his take on milk.
Monsieur, a votre ami, et a vos vache
Je dit, bravo.
So, when a villain grabs a glass of milk
it's creepy but it also shows their
power their conquering the pure and
innocent by consuming it and there's
a strength to that.
When I saw "Mad Max Fury Road"
in theaters the only time people
audibly cringed in the crowd
wasn't during an action sequence
it was when this happened.
Western culture has an aversion to
breast milk seeing it as taboo to drink
as an adult.
Taste a little smell funky..
That's because, that's some Deby's left breast, Greg.
The choice to harvest breast milk in the
movie further alienate the
post-apocalyptic world from our own in
"Short mad max fury road" is a movie about
fluids women are exploited for their...
breast milk men are exploited for their blood
and the populace is exploited by
controlling the water supply the
complete control of these liquids by
an Immortal Joe shows his dominion over
his world and the milk is no exception
in fact his sons drink the mouth to keep
up their muscle mass reinforcing the
idea that consuming milk is a sign of
What's so great about using these
liquids in the film is that it allows
Mad Max to introduce plot points and
...character arcs non-verbally after Mad...
Max performs his first selfless act for
Furiosa he washes himself with milk.
Symbolizing the start of his
transformation from a selfish man only
looking for survival, to one who cares
and nurtures for others return to
completely trusting Furiosa is
symbolized by him giving her his blood
another liquid symbol "Mad Max: Fury Road"
is a prime example of milk enhancing the
visual storytelling of a movie.
Milk is a powerful storytelling device it can show
someone as a child but it can also be
used to unsettle show character
strengths or give information about the plot.
So the next time you see a
character drinking something ask yourself
Got milk?
Thanks for watching.
Here it is, a groove, slightly trans..-form, just a bit of a break
...from the norm, just a little something to break the
monotony of all that hard.
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Milk in Movies: Why Do Characters Drink It?

40817 Folder Collection
曾瑜棠 published on February 26, 2017
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