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You know what I hate?
"You know I'm about to leave, I have to go to an audition soon, I just-
Where's my phone?!
Oh my god, babe, I can't find my phone
I don't know where I had it last..
Yes, I hate that a lot, I feel very stupid when that happens
But even more than that, I hate it when I hear women say things like this:
"I'm not like other women"
Or this:
"I don't know, I just don't get along with women...like at all."
And I hate it because - that used to be me.
Other women used to intimidate me so much.
And even though I desperately craved their friendship and their acceptance.
In my mind, they didn't think I was good enough.
So I was like "Oh well, it's just so much easier to be friends with guys.
Women - I don't understand them. For some reason, we just aren't friends."
The reason being that I never put any effort into talking or getting to know them at all.
And wrote off the entire gender as complicated and full of drama.
And this mentality ultimately fucked me out of knowing a lot of amazing women in my teens and my early 20s.
So, in the spirit of change, here are some women to actually watch out for:
Miss Melissa Hunter, most notably known for adult Wednesday Addams,
has also done a Wolfgirl pilot on NBC and is now working with True TV on Small Victories.
Miss Beth Stelling is one of my favorite comedians.
But not only that, she spoke up earlier this year about some sexual assault and abuse she endured.
And is now turning that tragedy into jokes in her stand-up set, which is beautiful and hard and I commend her for it.
And finally, Miss Maggie Levin, my writing partner and director extraordinaire.
She writes amazing fantasy screenplays and directs Rocky Horror every year.
Plus she has like, this flat-faced dog named Spud. Oh, he's so cute, he just wheezes and he like, struggles to exist and it's a beautiful thing.
I love dogs now.
Uh, let me know which women I should watch out for down below or tweet at me
I'm Anna Akana. Stay awesome, Gotham.
I'd like to say thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring today's episode
Squarespace is like, perfect if you need like, a website that's like, intuitive and easy to use and make.
Because like, I don't know coding and that's like, hard sh*t, do you know what I mean?
Plus, if you like, sign up for a year, Squarespace will like, give you a free domain, whaaaaaaaat?
You can go to the Squarespace.com/Anna website to like, sign up for a free trial and then you can use the offer code "Anna" for 10% off at checkout
That's "Anna" for 10% off at checkout. Thanks, bro.
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Women To Watch Out For

17992 Folder Collection
Colleen Jao published on January 11, 2017    Kiara translated    Sabrina Hsu reviewed
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