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  • You know what I hate?

  • "You know I'm about to leave, I have to go to an audition soon, I just-

  • Where's my phone?!

  • Oh my god, babe, I can't find my phone

  • I don't know where I had it last..


  • Yes, I hate that a lot, I feel very stupid when that happens

  • But even more than that, I hate it when I hear women say things like this:

  • "I'm not like other women"

  • Or this:

  • "I don't know, I just don't get along with at all."

  • And I hate it because - that used to be me.

  • Other women used to intimidate me so much.

  • And even though I desperately craved their friendship and their acceptance.

  • In my mind, they didn't think I was good enough.

  • So I was like "Oh well, it's just so much easier to be friends with guys.

  • Women - I don't understand them. For some reason, we just aren't friends."

  • The reason being that I never put any effort into talking or getting to know them at all.

  • And wrote off the entire gender as complicated and full of drama.

  • And this mentality ultimately fucked me out of knowing a lot of amazing women in my teens and my early 20s.

  • So, in the spirit of change, here are some women to actually watch out for:

  • Miss Melissa Hunter, most notably known for adult Wednesday Addams,

  • has also done a Wolfgirl pilot on NBC and is now working with True TV on Small Victories.

  • Miss Beth Stelling is one of my favorite comedians.

  • But not only that, she spoke up earlier this year about some sexual assault and abuse she endured.

  • And is now turning that tragedy into jokes in her stand-up set, which is beautiful and hard and I commend her for it.

  • And finally, Miss Maggie Levin, my writing partner and director extraordinaire.

  • She writes amazing fantasy screenplays and directs Rocky Horror every year.

  • Plus she has like, this flat-faced dog named Spud. Oh, he's so cute, he just wheezes and he like, struggles to exist and it's a beautiful thing.

  • I love dogs now.

  • Uh, let me know which women I should watch out for down below or tweet at me

  • I'm Anna Akana. Stay awesome, Gotham.

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You know what I hate?

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Women To Watch Out For

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    Colleen Jao posted on 2017/01/09
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