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We have travelled thousands of miles...
in search of a weapon.
More powerful...
than we've ever known.
Why are you here?
We came to trade.
You lie.
You are thieves!
What was that?
There are many things you have not seen.
The Great Wall...
is the only barrier...
keeping the world safe.
Mother of God...
What is it they want?
To feed.
They've trained all their lives for this war.
Let me fight with you.
This is where you choose to die.
Good luck with that.
Stay and fight.
You think they see you as some kind of hero?
I fought for greed.
And gods.
This is the first war I've seen...
worth fighting.
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The Great Wall Official Trailer 2 (2017) - Matt Damon Movie

950 Folder Collection
曾玟富 published on January 8, 2017
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