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  • Hey guys! As this has been one of the most requested theme in the last few months.

  • I'm going to show you three DIY gift ideas that every Harry Potter fan will love.

  • They're super easy and fun to make, and I hope you will like them.

  • The first project is the Deathly Hollows Lantern, that is great as home decor.

  • For this DIY, you're going to need:

  • Thick black paper, transparent paper in yellow or white,

  • scissors and xacto knife, a compass, a triangle ruler, glue and pencils.

  • And for the light inside, I'm going to use battery-powered flameless candles.

  • But you can also use fairy lights as well.

  • First we need to create a template for our lantern.

  • Start measuring out a triangle using regular paper and your ruler.

  • I measured out 12 centimeters for each side and 60 degrees in each corner to create a triangle with three equally long sides.

  • I know, "how can she bother me with math in this video!"

  • But I will stop in a bit, don't worry.

  • You can also make the lantern larger or smaller using different measurements.

  • Now I begin adding the inner part.

  • For this step, I made the triangle outline thicker by adding about 5 millimeters to each side into the line in the center.

  • And now with your compass, add a circle inside the triangle that touches all the three sides.

  • Next, create another circle inside to make the circle outline thicker again.

  • Now we just need to add additional squares on each side.

  • They're going to be the flaps we'll glue together with the rest.

  • Use your triangle ruler to create 90 degrees corners for the squares to create the lines, then connect them together.

  • I made them about one centimeter wide.

  • These are the areas we need to cut up now.

  • For this step, use your xacto knife and carefully cut out these areas.

  • Once you remove the parts, cut up the whole template.

  • As this is the only template we now need to transfer it onto the black paper to crew two of these triangles.

  • If you're lazy to create the template first, you can of course just go ahead and use the black paper immediately.

  • I just wanna to make sure I make everything correctly without messing up the paper too much.

  • Now we need another stripe of black paper for the roof part.

  • For this step, I measured out the width of 5 centimeters so the candles fit inside properly, and 24 centimeters length.

  • And you should get something like this.

  • Now we just need to cut out the transparent paper by using the triangle as a guideline and glue them to the black paper.

  • But before we do that, carefully fold the flaps.

  • I used my ruler and the edge of the scissors to create a folding line.

  • This is how it looks now.

  • Next, apply glue to the black paper and glue on the transparent paper on top.

  • Cut off any excess of necessary and then we can go ahead and glue on the roof.

  • Add glue to the flaps on the left and the right side of the top part and then apply the other stripe of paper after folding it in half.

  • The third flap is not really that necessary, but I found that this helps the lantern stands better and it looks better this way as well.

  • Here I use three candles as I found one candle was not enough.

  • And the lantern is finished.

  • The next DIY is similar to my old wizard wand DIY from two years ago.

  • All you need is hot glue, pencils, a brush and acrylic paint.

  • Start adding hot glue to the top part of the pencil, and then add a bead on top to make it look more fancy.

  • But this is optional.

  • Add more glue randomly to the pencil to create an interesting design.

  • I stopped at about one-third of the pencil as I didn't want to cover too much of the pencil with the glue.

  • Let the glue cool down and then we can move on and paint the pencils.

  • I use black acrylic paint as a base, but you can use any colour you like.

  • Once the pencils are dry, you can go ahead and add more magic to it by adding up silver or gold coat of acrylic paint.

  • I think silver acrylic paint look so fancy on black and makes the pencil look so magical.

  • Now let the pencils dry again and then all you need to do is sharpen the end.

  • And you get a magical pencil every Harry Potter or magic fan will love.

  • The last DIY is for everyone who needs some fanciness in their hair.

  • For this project you're going to need:

  • shrinking foil, scissors, a brush, black marker, and gold & white acrylic paint.

  • And a hair pin base that you can get online or in craft stores.

  • As always I like to start with a template, but this time I will add a template you can just don't look.

  • I have the link in the description box down below.

  • Next, trace a template under the shrinking foil.

  • As the foil will shrink, I made the design about 10 centimeters wide so it's not too small or too big once it's shrunk.

  • Now you can go ahead and color the outline of this snitch.

  • I used acrylic paint but if you do that, be sure to use only a thin layer as it won't look good otherwise once it's strong.

  • If you have white and gold color markers it would be even better.

  • Let the paint dry and then go over areas that need to be fixed again with your marker.

  • Next, cut it out and bake it.

  • Be sure to read the instruction of your shrinking foil first.

  • This is how it looks once it's baked.

  • Now all you need to do is gluing it onto the hair pin base, but you can also use anything else like a pin and pin it to your clothes, bag or pouch.

  • And you're done.

  • I hope you like these ideas and found them helpful.

  • Be sure to leave this video a big thumbs-up to support this channel and subscribe if you hope already to seen more funny, easy DIYs in the future.

  • Thank you so much for watching, guys.

  • Have a wonderful day and see you next week.

Hey guys! As this has been one of the most requested theme in the last few months.

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DIY: Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Lovers

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