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I could see this being a new trend,
along with like a sexy bikini and stuff like that.
My mom always wore prom gloves while driving
because they protected her skin from the sun as her arms were out here.
Growing up I'd be really excited when I'd see these tins
expecting some delicious, buttery cookies.
I'd open it up and I'd see just a bunch of sewing needles,
and spools of thread, and pin cushions.
It's safe, it's cute and round, and it's durable.
These are super big visors meant to shield your entire face from the sun.
She keeps one in the car to protect herself from sun damage and also wrinkling.
You could wear this while going on a hike, committing a heist.
My mom wears this a lot when she's gardening.
It's so versatile.
They would fill in a sock with rice, and microwave it.
And it's great to use as a heating pad.
Some daughters use it for period cramps.
They're great for stomachaches and backaches.
It's basically a cure all.
She would take my old T-shirts and turn them into either dish rags or floor rags.
She cleaned the floor, she cleaned the sink, she cleaned the car, she cleaned the washing machine.
She would cut it down into little squares depending on what she needed to clean up.
My mom and dad taught me this when I was really young.
It's just wetting a paper towel and putting it over some rice.
This allows you to actually resteam the rice.
It tastes a lot better, it maintains the texture.
It's not as dry.
My mom goes out a lot with umbrellas,
especially like to theme parks.
You see this a lot at like swap meets, grocery store shopping, picking up your kids.
Asian moms love protecting their skin
because they don't want to look old.
You would think it's raining, but it's not.
It's only the sun.
Now that you've seen some Asian mom hacks, what kind of hacks does your mom use?
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7 Asian Mom Hacks Everyone Can Use

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韓澐 published on February 7, 2017    陳彥文 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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