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What's up guys, this is Jeffrey, how's everybody doing?
So, I don't often get to see my grandparents, because they live kind of far,
but that's cool, because when I do get to see them, which is usually during the holidays,
it's actually pretty fun updating them on my life stories and what I do for work,
because they're really supportive.
Alor, voila, c'est ça que je fais comme travail, sur l'internet.
Ahhh, j'ai rien compris. Tu as compris quelque chose, toi?
Il a parlé?
Ok maybe they don't understand everything, but I guess that's normal,
because, I mean, there is a generation gap,
but now that I think about it, I wonder how they describe me to their friends.
So what does your grandson do?
Well my grandson?
Something with cameras, bedroom, a little bit of fun and then that goes on the internet for people to watch.
Ah, heard of those. That's really popular nowadays.
Is he happy though?
Oh yeah, he says he loves it.
Ah well, that's all that matters, isn't it?
(Huh, never thought I'd meet somebody that does pornography.)
Yeah... no.
Also, you know what else they don't understand? Technology.
Every time I see my grandparents, they always have to ask like a million questions about a new gadget they got.
The problem is... it takes a little bit too long for them to master it.
-Hey Jeff. -Huh?
-Do you know how to work this camcorder?
Grandpa, just press the "on" button, and then record. It's the red button.
Huh? I don't see neither.
What the heck is that?
This beauty? Got this camcorder ten years ago. Finally learned how to charge the battery.
I think he needs a new camera.
But I guess I can't be mad at that, either.
I mean, they didn't grow up with technology, and amongst all my family,
my grandparents lived in the most poverty where they grew up in Madagascar.
And because of that, it was always hard to not be humbled around them.
Jeffrey, can you put the dirty laundry in the washing machine?
Dad, I'm playing a video game right now.
I already shot like twenty people, that's like my world record. Can't you just ask mom?
Oh, I remember I used to hand-wash my laundry by the river,
a man threatened to shoot me once, so I gave him all my clothes.
You see what I mean?
It's crazy to think that some of our grandparents lived through so much during their lifetime,
like my grandparents lived through such a long and hectic life that nowadays,
there's not a lot of things that faze them anymore.
-Five, four, three, two, one... -Good night.
-Happy New Year! -Shh.
One thing that's the best though is since my parents are in their retirement,
umm, I don't have to worry about food anymore.
Jeffrey, food is ready.
-All right, have a seat. -Wait. Didn't you just say food was ready?
What do you mean?
That's why I love my grandparents. Among other things, too, I guess.
Anyways, don't forget to be thankful for them since they put you on Earth.
Let me know if your grandparents have weird habits when you see them.
Like my garndma always tells me to not do drugs for some reason.
Thank you guys so much for watching, have a happy holidays.
This is JeffreyFever, and I'm pressing the record button.
-Now, peace. -Jeffrey, food's ready!
Alright grandpa, coming.
Hey, don't move!
Grandpa, what are you doing?
I finally figured out how this thing works. Wow, the quality's beautiful! It's like in real life.
Are you serious?
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37985 Folder Collection
Tim published on January 16, 2017    Tim translated    Sabrina Hsu reviewed
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