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First question is from Kristian Brandt
His question is, "What the hell is this movie about?"
which is, I think, a good question, a good question
That is a very good question, and a tricky one to answer
So I play Newt Scamander who is a self-proclaimed Magizoologist
I think probably the only Magizoologist
who is a British wizard from out of Hogwarts, arrives in New York, 1920s, with a case full of magical creatures
Said creatures escape, setting in motion, a much bigger battle between good and evil
Does that make any - would you agree?
He loses the creatures and has to find them, because he gets them mixed up with yummy snacks
which I'd be more excited about. A terrible film though
Did you just give the spoiler away?
Don't worry about it
No, no. But you'll laugh, you'll cry, it's incredible
Next question, please, Eddie Redmayne, from YouTube
Next question is too embarrassing to read
The next question is from Julene Letero , he says, "Why is Eddie Redmayne sooooo handsome?"
Why is Eddie Redmayne so handsome?
See, Eddie Redmayne just went beetroot!
Do you ever clock yourself in the mirror and think wow?
I am sooo handsome
Very very rarely. Really, no
It's not something I enjoy. I just see a lot of freckles
Do you do anything to your face?
To my freckles?
No, not to your freckles, but do you have like, a skincare regime?
Monday morning, BBC Radio, I'm talking to Grimmy about my skincare regime
Occasionally I moisturize
How many times a day?
Just once
Right, next question, please, Eddie
Mohamed Saleem says, "I hope Eddie Redmayne's acting is going to be good"
So does Eddie Redmayne. He tried really hard
He went through a huge amount of work to try and make it good
But you'll have to see the movie
You'll have to see it on Friday
It's really good acting, Eddie
Oh, thanks
From you, Grimmy, it's a great deal
Well, you know, I'm a great actor myself, aren't I
I pretend I'm happy, 6:30 to 10:00, Monday to Friday
Okay, final YouTube comment, please Eddie
There's one more which says, TheMainAsian says, "Eddie Redmayne looks like he could be the next Doctor or Doctor Who"
I mean, I do see the resemblance
I see the scarf, I see the coat, I see a bowtie
I'm also a huge admirer of those actors
I love Matt Smith
I think there is a little bit
He's got a briefcase
I suppose the briefcase has a bit of TARDIS-y vibe to it, so yeah
Yeah, would you do it?
Oh my god, would I do it? Yeah!
I mean, obviously
It's a great show, but it looks like really tough work
'Cause it's a lot. I remember speaking to Matt, and the schedules are pretty rigorous
Well you've got five of these movies, one down, four to go
After his seventy-third, he will begin Doctor Who
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Eddie Redmayne - Youtube Comment Reactions

10305 Folder Collection
Chloe Tyan published on January 6, 2017    Chloe Tyan translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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