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  • In a Moment of Vision...

  • It's 1816.

  • A 35-year-old doctor by the name of René Laennec

  • is walking through Paris.

  • He pauses to watch as two children signal to each other across a long piece of wooden board.

  • One child holds the board to her ear.

  • The other scratches the opposite end

  • sending the amplified sound down the length of wood.

  • Later, Laennec is called to assess a young woman with a heart condition.

  • The patient is purportedly quite well developed

  • and Laennec expresses some hesitation

  • in pressing his ear directly against her chest.

  • Remembering the children with the board,

  • Laennec, in a moment of vision and dignity,

  • tightly rolls a sheet of paper

  • and places one end to his ear

  • and one end over the young woman's heaving bosom.

  • He is delighted by the clarity of the sound.

  • Laennec spends the next three years developing and testing various materials

  • and mechanisms

  • before settling on a hollow wooden tube with detachable plug.

  • His device becomes the forerunner

  • to the metal, plastic, and rubber stethoscope we still use today.

In a Moment of Vision...

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【TED-Ed】How the stethoscope was invented | Moments of Vision 7 - Jessica Oreck

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