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  • All three of my kids are mad at me right now.

  • For like completely different, unrelated reasons.

  • All three are mad at me right now.

  • For those of you struggle at math, that means that 100% of my children are angry with me right now.

  • And you know what,

  • I don't care.

  • You know why?

  • Because I am not their buddy, I am their parent.

  • They're angry at me because I PARENTED them.

  • My number one job as their parent is to love them.

  • And loving them does not mean making sure they are always happy and get every single little thing they want.

  • Loving them means raising them into healthy, decent human beings who I would actually wanna hang out with someday.

  • That's what loving them means.

  • Until my kids are adults, I am not their friend, we are not on the same level.

  • I'm the authority, my child's well-being is more important to me than my child's opinion of me.

  • My job is not to be liked by my kid and I don't take it personally when my kid doesn't like me.

  • And honestly, if my kids like me 100% all the time, I'm probably failing at parenting.

  • So listen, parents, I know this parenting thing is really, really, really, really hard. I know.

  • And I know you're trying to do the right thing and you're trying to be strict when it's necessary.

  • And then your child gets upset at you and then you give in. Don't do that!

  • Don't give in. Hold your ground.

  • And I hear some of you parents say things like, "Oh my little kid is my best friend."

  • That sounds really cute, no?

  • But let's just be honest, if you're like 30, 40 something and your best friend is an eight-year-old,

  • like that just WEIRD.

  • That's weird.

  • Don't be so insecure and desperate for your kid to always like you.

  • Parent your child and then find friends your own age.

  • Now here's the good news, if you're trying to do the right thing and parent your children,

  • They're not liking you is not terminal, it's not gonna last forever.

  • Your know what's terminal?

  • They're turning into entitled, bratty adults, the rest of the world now has to deal with. That's terminal.

  • But they're not liking you, that's not gonna last forever.

  • And I have some more good news, at least one brand of ice cream at your grocery store right now is on sale.

  • So go get it.

All three of my kids are mad at me right now.

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I'm not your friend, kid! (Because I love you.)

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    Sabrina Hsu posted on 2016/12/30
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