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Wonder if Mom found Sis yet
Before they left
if anything
they will send the condors back
Rest assure Polu
Xiang'er should be ok
Since she was born, she was headstrong
In addition Mom went to look for her
Xiang'er should come back soon
She probably is with Brother Yang
I heard
the Mongol army should attack Xiang Yang soon
If Brother Yang is here, it will be alright
He is very skilled
He can help Xiang Yang a lot
No matter how skilled he is
He will not help us
I have separated Little Dragon Girl and him for so many years
In addition to other issues
I know he really hates me
What is this place?
Did I.....
That tunnel was at the bottom of the water
Reminds me of a familiar place
But where is this place?
This is beautiful
There is no one here though
Dragon Girl flower
Why would this place have a Dragon Girl flower?
Could it be....
The bed is cold
Just like the one in Mu Gu
She is here
I know she is
definitely living here
GuGu is it you?
Its me, Guo'er
I finally get to see you
Guo'er I missed you
I have something to ask you
Why did you wrote 16 years before reuniting?
If you wrote eight years
we would have seen each other sooner
I was well aware
you are a very emotional person
If it was eight years
you would not forget me
I used 16 years
to forget me
But I did not realize after 16 years
you would come back here to look for me
No matter how many years, my heart would not change
No matter what happens
we are to be together
No one can seperate us
Do you understand? GuGu
We been seperated for so long
We have no chance in this life
we will meet again in another life
When I jumped to the bottom of the water
I came here when I woke up
But I do not understand
Your condition at that point was quite severe
why was there no solution?
I also remember asking Reverend Yideng
You have no hope
Why are you ok?
When I came here
I was still in pain
At that time my body
was still suffering from the poison
My heart felt like it was on fire
Very shortly at that time
I remember what you said
during the past
What I said?
At Mu Gu
you said
The ice jade bed
has healing properties
design for chi flow
It can expel certain sicknesses
At the bottom of the water
There was still large block of ice
And so
I reversed my chi flow on that ice
it helped my body a lot
Later, I brought blocks of ice
slowly bringing them up
to make a makeshift ice jade bed
When sleeping on the ice jade bed
I would think of the things that passed in Mu Gu
When not reversing my chi flow on the bed
I would walk out
to look up at the slope
I tried climbing many times
but it was futile
One day
I encountered a big bee
It looks like the ones in Mu Gu
very similiar
I was raising bees again
I was eating honey
and also the fish in the water
The symptoms of the poison were fading
I remember
everyday I would experience symtoms
Later it was
once every few days
then it was once every few months
After five six years
the poison appeared to be gone
Then the honey along with the ice bed
helped cured you
The gods were generous
Huh? There are Dragon Girl flowers here too?
Did you know Guo'er
I really missed you
I really wanted to look for you
But there was no way for me to climb up
You wrote words on the bees' wings
These past few years
I do not remember how many bees I put words on
This was my only solution
I was so stupid
If I realized sooner
we would have seen each other sooner
very sorry
No need
If we see each other, that is good enough
We should never seperate
Guo'er promise you
not to allow you to suffer
Are you ok?
Don't worry, I'm alright
I just took in a few mouthfuls of water
This fire
was made by someone
There were a lot of them
Probably Guo Xiang
they probably came to search for me
Guo Xiang?
16 years ago
is the infant Guo Xiang?
She is older now
When I threw myself
she followed me
She is not afraid of death?
Her family' white condors saved her
When she went up
someone probably came down to search for me
On point
Ying Guo
Did not see Yang Guo
Hope for best
Everyone came to help you
Some strong material*
Going up isn't easy
So they have to used this to go up
This rope is very secure
Going up with this should be no problem
GuGu how about this?
Let me carry you up
Do not worry about me
The poison was purged from my body
there should be no problem going up
Must remember
We have to go in one breath
Stopping at the middle
will not allow us to finish
Good, lets go
Huang Rong, sit down and rest
I know you are very worried
Guo Xiang is captured by Jinlun Fawang
can't find Yang Guo
In addition
the Mongols are planning to
invade Xiang Yang
Do not worry about Guo Xiang
Jinlun Fawang wants her as his disciple
would not hurt her
Jinlun Fawang
is going back to Mongol camp
Finding him isn't hard
We will have a solution to rescue Guo Xiang
Its the truth
The Mongol army is planning to attack Xiang Yang
The situation is getting intense
A rumor has been going on
They are coming at two sides
to attack Xiang Yang
We will have to go back to Xiang Yang
What about Xiang'er?
The country's issue is bigger
Xiang'er is only one person
I believe she will be ok
Xiang'er has my blood
she also have Jing's and yours
That Jinlun Fawang
won't touch a hair of hers
Brother Yang....
You don't have to worry about him
He is the realm's skilled fighter
he might be sitting on top of his giant condor
and fly to meet us
Let's go to Xiang Yang
I will follow you
I am coming too
Xiang Yang fate has a huge impact
We will not allow the Mongols to have their way
Defeating the Mongols won't be easy
With just us
just going to Xiang Yang will be difficult
We will go there at night
Yes, father
we will do that
Over there
would be the Mongolian army's camp and stable
We could get in through there
Yideng, Ying Guo wait here
Just do what I say
Huang Rong
Go gather wind
I do not need much
to deal with enemies
Hurry you two
Already waiting for you
Catch them
This looks dire
Master Huang
You guys go first
We will go together Old Botang
We go
Mongolian camp is on fire?
Probably Kan Sai that did it
Master Guo, let me investigate
Be careful
Wait.. Look
People are coming
Its Mom
Open the gates
Open the gates
Hurry Mom
Huang'er are you alright?
I am alright
Guo Jing
Its Zhou Botang
and Reverend Yideng
Thank you all for coming
Huang'er why only you?
Were you not searching for Xiang'er?
Where is Xiang'er?
Is she alright?
Guo Jing
Guo Xiang cannot come back yet
to Xiang Yang
But do not worry
Your daughter is courageous
she will be ok
She is my granddaughter
Listen, do not worry too much
Eventually Xiang'er
will come back
Huang'er tell me
Hero Guo Where did Xiang'er go?
Someone needs you guys
General ****
hopes you will meet him
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The legend of the condor hero ep 75 (RAW)

326 Folder Collection
Rain Imprint published on December 28, 2016
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