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Hello my dear subscribers!
Today I want to share my tips on learning English language
I know many of you dream of having
a great English language without accent
and this was my dream for many years
I struggled to learn things,
to learn the accent.
Today I want to share my most
effective tips that I used
to learn English language.
Now the first thing
You have to have a very specific goal
like getting into a foreign university
or getting a job
with an English language employer
but I know
on different stages of our life
we don't have these specific goals
The target is
to make learning English your lifestyle.
You can do it by doing many different things
like the first thing you can do
is super easy
is just set your iPhone
or android or whatever phone you're using
to English language
So you'd see all of those English words
every day during your life like
send a message,
watch a video
everything should be in English
Maybe you'd think you know all of those basic words
but really you'd meet so many nuances
you'd remember and it'll stick to your memory
and you'd be able to use them later.
The second thing you need to do is
surround yourself with English
I know this is very difficult.
I'm from Russia and not many people speak English here.
It's not like in Finland
In Finland everybody speaks perfect English.
Finnish people are watching, how do you do it?
That's amazing!
But in Russia not everyone speaks good English.
There are some people but...
It was very difficult to surround myself with English language
But now in the years of media and technology
we have YouTube
And it is the best thing you can do
like switch on a YouTube blogger
who speaks English
and the best thing to do
is maybe select a YouTube blogger
who is coming from your country
because he would still have a slight accent.
I have slight Russian accent.
It would be easier for you to understand him
or her.
It would also motivate you because you would see
the person from the same background.
You'd see him speaking English language
without an accent.
I watch VitalyZDTv
He's from Russia but
he films in English and probably you know him,
he's a prankster
and he does a lot of pranks
he's amazing.
If you're from Russian speaking background, watch his video.
Another thing you can do
All of us have Internet
and you can watch news on the Internet
If you like American English, watch CNN.
You can also read their articles
It's not necessary that you only watch the videos.
For British English watch BBC.
And I know that some people say than news produced by their country
may be biest
like maybe there's propaganda involved.
This is a good motivation
to watch news in English language
you'd get a different view
on what's happening in your country
and what's happening in the world.
For many countries this is a problem.
So do that, just watch news in English.
But make sure that you understand that CNN news
are influenced by American culture.
BBC is influenced by British culture.
Having a video playing on the background
for example, I'm watching English language YouTube vloggers
when I'm washing up
or cooking something.
It's not necessary that I listen to every single word they say
but I have this English language background.
It really helps.
Another thing you can do.
Listen to English language songs.
This is the easiest part.
All of us listen to, I don't know who's the most popular now?
Justin Biber
I know many of you hate him.
Justin Biber, Britney Spears
all of those names.
Pick whoever you like
There's radio one in the United States.
I love the music, I listen to it
every time in the car
and they have the best hits.
You can stream it online
or you can download English language songs to your phone.
Make sure you read the lyrics before you listrn to it.
Listen to it for a couple of times.
Read the lyrics and then go back to the song.
You'll be amazed how many thing you understand.
When you first listen to the song
if it's a n English rap song,
You'd hear
you wouldn't get what they say.
But after you read the lyrics,
sounds would make sense.
Would make more sense anyways.
You'd get a couple of words.
Please do that and if you want more details
how to learn English using songs
please use the link below
to see how I do that
and how best language schools over the world do that.
Also remember
that we live in the digital age.
There're so many things you can do online.
like the most basic thing Google translate
When you're translating words from English into your language.
Please make sure you know how this word is pronounced
in English because
memory is not only our brain,
memory is also our eyes,
ears, senses.
When you hear the word as well,
you'd make greater progress
remembering it.
The second thing you can do
when you're googling a word
try to google it in images
there's a special section in Google, called Images
If you google for a word there
you'd get pictures and icons
of that word and that would help you
remember the word.
I also use stickers
like this is one of the best methods you can do
place a sticker to different objects
in your appratement like sofa
lamp, bed.
If you're watching this video, you probably know
all of these basic words
But try your kitchen.
like do you know what buckwheat is?
wholegrain bread
All of those very specific things
you'd need when you come to the States.
or come to Great Britain
you have to know those words.
Use your kitchen as a place where you learn
like I use containers
for grains
I just sign them with the words I need to know
Another thing you can do
our brain is good in remembering things
in space
You can also use the objects in your room
for specific words
and it's not necessary to put a sticker with a word window on window
You can put something like admission
and then your brain would remember that
on window we have something connected with a university.
when you put this
weird gear
on your face.
You use it to learn something.
They put you in imaginary room
where you can see the objects or
words placed on different objects.
Use it in real life.
Place diffrent words all over the place.
There're lots of apps you can use
to learn English
Duolinguo is one of the best
which is basically for beginners
There's easy ten
to learn just words
There're lots of youTube bloggers
like me :)
If you like my videos
or other youtube bloggers
who speak English and teach you different sfuff.
When you download all the apps to your iPhone,
make sure you have a screen for all of those apps
So for example my first screen
when I open my phone, I see this.
I see all of the apps I use every day.
My second screen is clear.
I only have the apps I need to use.
they're connected with my work.
You can do the same with your English language apps.
Place them on a separate screen,
make sure it comes second
and have no more than 6.
When you're waiting for somebody,
pick up your phone and
and try using some apps
You'll see your target, empty screen
five or six apps
for English and you'd basically use them
to spend your time waiting.
I get a lot of questions from people
like what books do you recommend
to read
I'd say if your English is intermediate
or pre-Intermediate
try children books.
I read Jacqueline Wilson
the British author,
she writes book for children
age 12-14.
It's really easy to understand them.
The plot is basic.
She uses very easy words.
Please check her.
I leave a couple of books on Kindle.
I'll try and find
for you.
The second thing you can do
is pick up a book written by
a guy who speaks your language
who comes from your culture.
Try to read his books in English.
Translation from your own language would be simplier
and you use concepts you'd understand.
Maybe it'll also work for you.
The best way is to pick a book that
captivates your attention
the one you'd be reading.
whatever happens.
Like for me
this book is Gone girl
This is an absolutely amazing book
I enjoyed reading it and
and then watched a film.
Watch a film first with English subtitles
in English and then read a book.
It's amazing, you'll like it.
It's a bestseller
everybody in the world liked it
you'd also like it.
The most important thing
comes last
you can forget what I've said
I'm just kidding.
Right now will be the most important thing
You have to talk to native speakers.
Try to do it every day.
At least for 5 minutes.
I know an amazing company that does it
My company
We help you connect with a person who wants to speak English
he can be located anywhere
in the world.
You need to do
is just click a button
You'd be instantly connected to that person
and you'd be able to speak English to them
and ask "how's he doing today"
"what's he do for living?"
"what does he do during summer holidays?"
Ask him whatever you want.
You can talk to him for 1 minute
or you can talk for 30 minutes.
It's really up to you.
Please try and do that.
Let me know what you think.
It's a really great thing to do.
Also you can hire a skype tutor
who's also a native speaker.
The difference between the person who wants to speak English
and study with a native speaker
I mean the teacher
that the teacher would be explaing your mistakes
and give you some grammar and vocabulary.
The price would be higher
but it's good to have feedback.
because when you're just talking to a person
They wouldn't be correcting you
the goal would be to make sure they understand you.
Try and travel to English speaking countries
try and spend your vacation in places where people speak English
or speak English well like in Finland
Amazing guys
You can go there and they speak English.
All of them.
or Sweden
Swedish people are good at languages.
Great Britain, USA, Canada
Australia, New Zealand
whenever you want to go
Malta is a small European country
where second native language is English.
Try and go to Malta as well.
The best thing to do is
stay with a host.
Stay in a host family
You can book it by Airbnb
or homestay.com
or you can use linguatrip.com
for booking language courses
in country where language is spoken
and also homestay
we make sure hosts
talk to you
in English.
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English language: EASY ways to learn - sharing my secrets!

1330 Folder Collection
Xiao Wei Heng published on December 28, 2016
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