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It's the viral dance everyone is talking about.
It's not the whip nah-nah.
It's not the dab.
It's called the running man challenge.
Take a look.
>> All I want's some respect for making this dance.
Can I get some cred?
Come on, Ellen.
I wanna be on Ellen.
>> And it all started with two young men from Hillside, New Jersey.
Please welcome Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall.
There's so many dances out there, and you made this dance up,
and how did you start this.
>> Well, one day, in my teacher Ms. Graham's class,
we were just sitting there, bored.
Just sitting there.
>> Hi, Ms. Graham.
>> Yeah, hi, Ms. Graham.
>> [LAUGH] >> Yeah, and
we were sitting there and the song >> My boo just started playing in my head.
So I was like I was just like going sing it.
So I started singing and yea.
>> I started dancing it, and so we just decided to make a video.
>> What does Ms. Graham teach?
>> Finance >> Finance.
>> How was Ms. Graham during this portion of the.
>> Talking on the phone >> So no, but it was to the office.
>> So it was to the office.
>> [LAUGHTER] >> She is a great teacher.
But we decided to be ourselves and be silly.
>> So we had free time.
>> And so did the people in the class like the dance and start trying?
>> Honestly, they just sat there and watched us.
They didn't, I don't know why, but they just sat there
and stared at us like we were crazy.
>> All right, so, you sent the video and then you asked me for help, you said,
you called me out so of course I'm going to have you on,
and then these two basketball players actually made it go viral, right?
>> Yes. >> How did that happen?
>> I honestly don't know.
One day I was doing the dance and I posted a lot of videos on my Instagram and
then I woke up and these guys, the Maryland basketball players,
they did it and- >> We were like, what?
We made this.
>> Yeah, everyone is doing it now.
It was just it was crazy.
>> I know everyones doing.
So lets bring them right from the University of Maryland please welcome
Jayland and Jared.
Congratulations on making these men very very popular,
I mean, how did that happen, when did you see it?
>> I first saw it from Jared.
Jared showed me the instagram, and I was just like we dance every day for
our teammates in the locker room.
So we're the goofballs, and
we were just hey lets make a video to make everybody laugh, so.
>> Right. >> And
basketball's such a grind, especially at the college level.
So we just try to keep our teammates loose in the locker room.
And it's crazy, cuz now half the universities are doing it,
professional teams and celebrities.
>> By the way, congratulations.
You made it to the Sweet 16, right, didn't you?
>> Yeah. >> [APPLAUSE]
>> Thank you.
>> Thank you.
>> Congratulations.
>> Thank you.
>> All right,
>> So, you're pretty much responsible for
making this thing take off and everyone is doing it, so we're gonna take a break, and
a little later in the show, we're all gonna do it together, right?
Twitch is gonna do it I think everyone is going to do it.
All right we're back with the guys who started the Running Man Challenge and
because of NCAA rules we can't give you a gift.
It's not, we're not allowed.
So I, I'm, I made something special for you for the special game days.
>> Thank you I appreciate it.
>> Alright.
And you two you'll be very happy with them they're very comfortable.
And you two I know your parents are both working very very hard to make sure you
have an education, you have a college education, so our friends at shutter fly
want to give you a $10,000.
[APPLAUSE] >> Whoa.
>> What?
>> Stand up.
>> Yeah, I did it.
[APPLAUSE] All right and I'll see you tomorrow, be kind to one another, okay, so
Twitch, are you going to join them?
They're going to do the running man over there.
>> Of course, absolutely.
>> Alright, head on over there guys,
I'll hold your underwear.
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The Duo Behind the 'Running Man Challenge' Phenomenon

13598 Folder Collection
張玉聖 published on January 18, 2017    Bonnie translated    Steven reviewed
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