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Hey Mark, you doing alright?
Yeah. Yeah it's nothing.
Okay. You know Carol? Susan's roommate?
We were texting.
How you doin'?
You're a riot!
Hey! What are you up to tomorrow night?
Hmm nothing planned.. Why? What's up?
Wanna grab dinner with me tomorrow?
Yeah sure!
Can my friend come?
Bring a friend... not exactly what you had in mind when you asked her out.
I've been there man. Last week I was hanging with Erica.
Yeah I know right. Quality people are so hard to come by these days.
They're so rare! I feel like I hardly ever come across a girl who I wouldn't mind sharing a cup of coffee and croissant with.
You know, you're a really sweet guy Tom.
I have a friend that would be perfect for you! She loves croissants!
You're interested in her, not her friend.
Thank you. Why can't they take a hint?!
Girls can be so thick sometimes.
You're the ones that can't take a hint.
Umm... yeah?
Have you ever thought about it from their point of view?
Point of view....
Hey! What are you up to tomorrow night?
Nothing planned. Why? What's up?
Wanna grab dinner with me tomorrow?
I think Mark is asking me out.
Ha! Sounds like Mark!
Well, can you come with me to dinner tomorrow, so it doesn't seem like I'm interested?
Take your time.
Thank you.
Oh let me get it.
No don't worry about it.
Come on, it's on me.
I got it.
Take my cash.
Put it away.
It's my treat.
I'm done!
Take it!
Thank you.
Venmo it is!
$40.50. Let's call it an even twenty?
Oh! Hey Mark!
Hey! It's been a minute.
Umm... we should catch up sometime!
Yeah we totally should!
I'm just pretty busy these days.
We'll figure something out!
Yeah. Sure.
Umm... hey what's your availability like?
Uhh.. Well I'm usually free from like, 8 to 5 pm on Wednesdays and every fifth Friday of the month.
Wow. That is difficult.
I know.
Hey! Do you need a ride to the party?
No no! I'll just meet you there!
It's fine! You're on the way. I'll pick you up.
Not true! And I need to leave early anyways.
It's really no problem.
But I'm already out the door!
Hey I'm here!
Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.
Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.
You think that girls can't take a hint?
Maybe you guys can't take a hint that they're not interested.
Not interested? Us?
Good one Lisa.
Oh! But sounds like you have a lot going with Erica man.
Hope you guys like that short!
I just realized that this short wouldn't really exist if people would've just said what they really felt about each other.
You're right. I think it would be easier if people were just more direct.
But then again, some people don't know how they feel and they need time to figure out if they are.
You don't want to come off mean.
I get it. I guess sometimes if you want to sugarcoat, or they want to let people down easy.
Or you just don't want to assume that someone's automatically in to you.
Oh that's true. Yeah.
Just be more front. And try to take a hint. Or give better ones.
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Thanks for supporting guys! See you next time! Bye!
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Girls Can't Take a Hint!

39290 Folder Collection
Colleen Jao published on January 18, 2017    Colleen Jao translated    Sabrina Hsu reviewed
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