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  • Love is like over a gillion stuff.

  • Helping someone even if you don't want to.

  • When your parents or your teachers

  • don't tell you to.

  • Giving away stuff that you really, really like.

  • If they wanted a toy, I share.

  • Sell toys?

  • It's smiling and saying good things about them.

  • I should say, "You have very nice clothes on."

  • I help my mommy.

  • I played with another person on the playground

  • when she didn't have anybody to play with.

  • When people are loving to me,

  • I feel like I should give that to someone else.

  • Because Jesus did the same for us.

  • It's like do unto others as you would have them do to you

  • That you should treat the other one just like I've been treated before.

  • Not like bad, but the times I've been good treated.

  • Nobody really wants to play with somebody who is being mean.

  • Being kind is helping those in need.

  • Give them some food.

  • Give fish, and bread, and green beans, and peas, and apples.

  • I'll ask my mom or dad,

  • "Can we go get food for this hungry person that I found?"

  • Love is hugging your mom

  • and helping her wash the dishes.

  • I just get the water thing and just spray them.

  • People show me love by holding my hand

  • and they also give me a kiss right on the head

  • when I'm asleep very lightly.

  • There's people that don't get love in other places of the world.

  • You help them.

  • Just help people.

  • If we show people love,

  • they can spread it all around the world.

  • Okay, come here, Mommy.

  • I'll show her something.

  • I'll show you something. Come here, Mommy.

  • Closer.

Love is like over a gillion stuff.

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