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Rheedan: Hello my name is Rheedan.
Vicki: Hello, I'm Vicki.
Rheedan: Welcome to Oxford Online English.
In this lesson you can learn about how to shop for clothing.
Vicki: Have you bought clothing in English before?
Rheedan: If not, we hope to change that with this lesson.
And if you have, we want to make the next time even easier.
Vicki: Shopping for clothing will give you a good opportunity to practice your English.
Rheedan: We'll start by showing you a sample dialogue.
Vicki: Then we'll learn a few phrases that will help you when you go shopping.
Rheedan: Hello, can I help you?
Vicki: No, thanks. I'm just browsing.
Rheedan: Okay. Let me know if you need any help.
Vicki: Actually do you have any dresses in stock?
Rheedan: Yes. Let me show you.
Vicki: I like this one. Do you have it in another color?
Rheedan: Yes, this dress also comes in red, blue, black, and green.
Vicki: I'd like to try the blue one, please.
Rheedan: Sure, the changing rooms are over there.
Vicki: Can I try this in a smaller size?
Rheedan: Sorry, we don't have any in stock left in that color.
Would you like to try another color?
Vicki: I really like the blue one.
Rheedan: We have a special offer, buy one get one free.
Vicki: Really? That's a bargain.
Rheedan: Yes, we have a lot of special deals on our clothing.
Vicki: In that case, I'll take the red one and the black one.
Rheedan: Would you like anything else?
Vicki: No, thanks. I'll just get this. Can I pay by card?
Rheedan: Of course, please enter your pin.
Vicki: What is my pin number? Oh, yes.
Rheedan: Please wait one moment. Sign here.
Vicki: Can I get a receipt?
Rheedan: Of course, here you go.
Vicki: Thank you. Have a nice day.
Rheedan: Thanks for shopping with us.
Now, let's look at some of the words you'll need when going clothing shopping.
Vicki: When you first enter the clothing store, the shop assistant might greet you and ask
if you need any help. If you are just looking around, you can say that you are browsing.
'Browsing' means looking at many things in a shop to see
if there is something you want to buy.
Rheedan: If you're looking for something in particular, you can ask, "Do you sell jeans?"
"Do you have jeans?" "I'm looking for jeans." "Do you have jeans in stock?"
If the shop has the clothing you're looking for, you will want to try it on before you buy it.
You can try on the clothing in the changing room, a room for trying on clothing.
Vicki: After you've tried on the clothing, you might want to change the size or colour.
You can ask, "Do you have this is another size?" "Do you have this in a size X?"
"Do you have this is another colour?" "Do you have this in green?"
You've tried on the clothing, it's the right size and the right colour,
now you want to know how much it costs.
If you're buying one item, you can ask, "How much is this?"
If you're buying more than one item, you can ask, "How much are these?"
If the clothing costs a lot of money, you can say, "That's really expensive."
If the clothing isn't expensive, you can say, "That's really cheap," or,
"That's a bargain." If you choose to buy the clothing, you can say,
"I'll take them," or, "I'll take it."
Rheedan: Once you've finished shopping and are getting ready to pay, the shop assistant
might ask you, "Will there be anything else?" "Can I help with anything else?"
They will ask if you want to pay with cash or by card.
Usually they'll just say, "Cash or card?"
Vicki: You can answer, "I'll pay by card," or, "I'll pay by cash."
Don't forget to get a receipt.
Say, "Could I have a receipt please?"
I hope these phrases help you the next time you're shopping.
Rheedan: That's the end of the lesson. Thank you for joining us!
Vicki: You can see more free lessons on our website: oxfordonlineenglish.com.
Rheedan: See you next time!
Vicki: See you next time!
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How to Go Shopping for Clothes - Spoken English Lesson

1999 Folder Collection
wanchia1208 published on December 25, 2016
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