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Hey! This is MATSAN
and welcome to our language course part 3
today we are going to talk about
some specific, very funny
words in Poland
Interesting words in Polish!
by the way
we are drinking this
It means green island
It's a beer from China
I think
the most popular one in Continental China
ok, that's it
let's have a sip before
na zdrowie!
So let's start from the word which is...
a fart basically
I know it sounds like "fart"
because actually
the spelling is even the same
it's F-A-R-T
It's really fart
and the funny part is that
We found this one in Łódź right?
Yea, the first time I saw it
it was like a lottery shop
So it's writing all over the wall
I was like
why this shop is saying fart that much?
Even I think the fart with
a cloud inside
of this
and then I just took a picture
while eating an ice cream with the fart shop
I know there is the taxi called "fart"
Fart taxi
Just imagine
the guy from another country traveling
by this kind of taxi
UK or US and like
WOW a Fart
Poland is so opened
so obsessed with farts
You fart/you fart
you fart/we fart
We fart!
all of these words are in this
chicken amazing board
the other things are actually
what are you doing here?
About the shop names
It's pretty funny here in Poland
that lots of shops got animal names
especially the most popular one is
which is a ladybug
and it has...
gay insect
It's a gay bug!
It's not a gay bug!
It's so sad to be a biedronka
Because it's a LADY bug
and what if you are a male
LADY male bug
with biceps
but with this "biedronka" body
This is a pretty big one
you can buy everything in there
food, alcohol... anything
the other one which is smaller is
which is a cute form from a frog
a cute froggy
a frog
and it has a frog poster on it
yea like a cute froggy sign on it
and it's a smaller...
it's more like a 711 in Taiwan
yea, something like that
so it's open untill 11 pm
so it's also like a convenience store basically
also something like that
a little bit bigger
is Małpka
Małpka is actually the same kind of shop as Żabka
Małpka is a cute little monkey
There is a poster
outside the shop
and it's a monkey like...
yea, with some shop stuff
with hot-dogs
because you can eat hot-dogs there
It looks so horny
you hold it
it's just like...
domestic violence
I know there is Mrówka
I don't really remember what do the sell
but I think it's some engineer stuff
or some things for building your house
I don't know, some men's stuff
which is an ant
so does it have an ant logo on it?
I think yes
I think, I don't really remember
but I think it's
I don't see that so often but
It has this...
working hat
holding some equipment
and walking to somewhere
it's funny because
you guys always say that
Asian culture is super cute
and also in Taiwan it's like
in a metro
you see the poster with pokemon
staying in a queue
yea but we don't see our
own cute stuff in here
and it's super cute in Poland
yea, exactly!
Everything is just so cute!
even the dentist
she was at the dentist's
in Łódź
and the dentist got a logo
of a very very smiling tooth
and the other one
it's like a mom and a baby
both of them
holding a toothbrush
and cleaning themselves
and we wre like:
this is soooo cute!
we have to go there!
and then we went there
So these are the "shops"
and the other one is "food"
I don't really find this funny
but she finds this super funny
maybe you guys from taiwan will find this funny
for me it's not funny at all
It's a kind of obsession
she says these words all the time to me
with no reason
so anyways about food...
we've got... starting from...
I don't know what's funny in this
which means a sausage
I don't know why it's funny
it just sounds funny
The other one is
which means an onion
What's so funny?
Cebulowy (different form)
Eh these cases...
So onion and sausage!
Kiełbasiany (different form)
It means...
Like, if you want to describe the taste for example
it's such an onion taste
"taki" is...
"taki" is like "it's like"
OK and the next one...
The most common word right now
all the time cheese cheese
and even!
I'm just typing to her on messanger
and then
with no reason the word
and I'm just...
and then she's still continuing this
like cheese cheese!
So cheese!
It means a fish
So fishy!
If you want to describe the taste
So if I want to say
you smell like fish
Why!? Why!?
I'm not smelly!
I clean myself everyday!
a fish! (in a wrong way)
Jesteś rybą (you are a fish)
We will talk about cases later
It's a huge thing to do
and it's like
so problematic! For me to learn!
so so so?
You smell like fish?
But why you need this?
I just want to learn it
It's usefull
Like you smell bad?
Or you smell good?
No you smell like a fish
Like exactly a bad smell
Bad? Yea
I don't know
Maybe I should think about my personal smell
because of this talking right now
I feel pretty sad
Another one is
And the reason why she finds this funny
because the spelling is like
which is like pies (cakes)
And "pies" is a dog
Pies means a dog
is it like plural or singular?
No, "pies" is singular
Psy is plurar
Ryby (fishes)
Psy (dogs)
Kiełbasy (sausages)
Cebule (onions)
Sery (cheeses)
But about "dog"
because we went to
a rich district or something like that
And outside their house
they put this dog sign
And with just writing like:
And when she saw it for the first time
she was like what? Pies?
They are selling pies?
With "dog" sign on it
Polish eat dog?
I'm joking
Not funny haha
Another one is
Actually 2 of them left
No, three of them left
And the first one is "pij"
Because it sounds like "pee"
Like I pee
On you, on her
You are so dirty!
You smell like fish!
Pij means like
If you want to say to your friend
Just drink it
What is so funny?
I don't know
Ok, another one another one
This one is pretty funny
You pee!
This one is pretty funny
It's Jaja
Jajo means an egg/Jaja means eggs
And jaja
because we know that ja is yes
or tak in German
So she's like JAJAJAJAJAJA!
So "jaja" means eggs
Moje jaja! (My eggs)
And the last one
And "no" means "yes" in Polish
In the beggining
I was like
I mean
Yes means Tak
but in Polish
we use also the word "no"
Is it like yes and yep?
It's like yep
when I'm speaking to people
sometimes people get confused
Like: they want to say yes
And they say no
And I'm like: so it's yes or no?
And especially
In the tram or in metro
We can hear people on the phone
Like they are cancelling everything
Yes in Polish is tak
No in Polish is nie
Yep in polish is no
ok and that's pretty much it
That is our third episode of language class
Sansan is a very retarded person right now
I don't know what she's doing
Always like this
I'm a nice balancer
ok so, so
Hope you guys enjoy this video
Hope you guys have learned something from this video
We are trying to make our quality better
We've put the mic in here
Hope the sound quality is good!
What about now?
Sing something!
So hope you guys enjoy the video
Why are you like a rapper?
I'm sorry I'm so out of control today
You're like on high or something
Or maybe...?
Hope you enjoy the video
I'm saying this for the third time
Please like, subscribe and comments below
Don't forget to
like our fanpage
which is on the bottom of the video
you can click on it and like it
Thank you so much for supporting us
Thank you guys!
next video will be very very soon!
See you guys next time!
See you next time byebye!
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MatSan: Funny Polish Words!

601 Folder Collection
鄭伃庭 published on December 24, 2016
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