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You may have heard the news...
That's right!
I'm broke.
But thanks to many fellow Patreons,
we managed to gather four thousand dollars
to help...
Although for leagal reasons,
I couldn't keep any of the money...
which means, I'm back on square zero.
I got nothing,
So what do you do when all hope fails?
What do you do
before I was PewDiePie?
That's right, selling hot dogs.
A lot of you have known this, some of you may have not,
but before I did YouTube I sold hot dogs.
It is in fact my specialty. It's the best and only thing I know besides screaming and acting like a retard on the Internet.
(funky music plays)
(shakes his metal fannypack)
Little windy for a grill some would say.
(continues shaking fannypack)
I would say back...
You gotta grill like this you gotta have balls.
Ssss... aaahh!
No, no, not the hot dog, they will be contaminated! (aaargh)
Oh boy.
Get them while they're hot!
Hot doooooooooogs!
Want a hot dog?
(funky music plays)
Do you like it?
It's good? It's good yeah? Thank you very much!.
(funky music plays)
That shit cold!
Hot dog?
Hot dog? - Thank you.
(wiggle wiggle wiggle)
Hot dog! Hot dog! Hot dog! Do you want a hot dog?
Hot dog!
Ooooh, it's a wonderful day!
To do a hot...
Come back here!
Hot dick?
Lady, want a hot dog?
Baby want a hot dog?
No one wants a hot doooooog?
Fresh hot doooogs!
Hot dog man? You lookin' hungry. Dinner time.
I feel really bad that nobody's buying Pewds's putrid hot dogs.
So, I'm gonna humour him and gonna buy a hot dog.
Ey-hey Felix, PewDiePie... Eh... I'll buy a hot dog.
I'll buy a hot dog... I have money, I'll buy a hot dog. - Okay, you can have a hot dog.
Thank you.
So, how's the business goin'?
Oh, no, it's... I... this is... not a...
I'm just doin' it for...
Is this like a full time thing now?
It's a... it's a hobby.
Oh, actually - PJ. I have a... since you're a loyal customer.
You get my special hot dog. - Okay.
(magical music)
There he is. He's alive.
It's an alive poisonous toad.
Can I borrow your poisonous glands?
Is this sexual harrassment?
And I put it back where it belongs...
For the VIP's.
(magical music)
Here you go PJ.
Hey thanks man, wow, you really did it with the ketchup.
Thanks, I really appreciate it.
Can you leave a good review?
Best review alright thank you.
Good luck. - Enjoy.
(disco music plays)
Hot dog?
Does anyone want a hot dog?
Thanks very much!
You're a VIP now!
I have to sell my most prized possession.
My golden plaque.
Want it? Anyone on the bus?
This is a real golden plaque. It's my last version!
It's yours for a pound.
I'll buy it. - Okay, cool.
Thank you. - I'll give you £5.
Thank you very much, I appreciate it. It's yours.
Thank you very much.
Thanks Felix! - Have a good one!
I got £5!
It's a new bill too, I really like these. This is great.
He's actually going! He actually bought it.
I don't know he keeps walking.
(music plays)
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1983 Folder Collection
吳庭逸 published on December 21, 2016
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