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- My mouth
can not like, do this.
- We're here testing community user submitted
McDonald's Secret Menu.
Basically stuff that people made up.
- I only eat McDonalds when I'm like
Oh let's make a drunk decision.
Oh, McDonald's, (bleep) it.
But I hear they have garlic fries now.
- These just look like regular fries.
- They look a little crispier.
- Cheers.
- Ow.
- You got it?
- Think I just broke a tooth.
- I give it a zero out of five.
- Wait, aw, suck it. - Sausage...
- I don't like the smell of this.
- Ooh, I don't either.
It smells like throw up. - Yeah.
- I think someone was very high when they made this.
- No!
- This is amazing. Oh my God.
- This is a full course meal in one sandwich.
- I'm expecting an Egg McMuffin
and then I'm just bombarded with sugar.
- Whaaaaaat!
- That's amazing, that's happiness in a cup!
- This tastes like Coldstone but cheaper.
- Cause the whole McFlurry just tastes like apple pie.
It's kinda cool.
- They should (bleep)ing sell this, market it.
McDonalds, what are you doing?
- Ice cream's already sweet enough
but then apple pie mixed in, it's just too much.
I don't know, McFlurrys are pretty good.
Especially for all the effort involved in making this
I'd rather just get a normal McFlurry.
- Mm-Hmm.
- This sounds like heaven.
- This sounds really good. - Yeah.
- Look at all this mayo.
- Ew, that's too much mayo.
I hate mayo. Okay.
- So that's what I'm not loving.
- The sauce overpowers it a little.
- McChickens are perfect so I don't know
why you would mess with that
but actually this is better than a regular McChicken.
- This is an onion sandwich.
- Uuughh, I already know I'm gonna hate this.
I hate onions.
- Oh my God, this is great!
- Hold on, I didn't try it yet.
- Then try it.
- I only taste bread and lettuce.
- This needs meat.
- Yeah.
- But vegetarian people?
Highly recommend this.
(long sigh)
- This looks fake.
- I need to prepare myself for this.
- Ooh!
- I taste spicy, but then I taste the...
I don't know what to, I don't know how to describe this.
- I would just rather eat
this by itself.
And maybe then I would go and eat the chicken one.
You don't need to eat three burgers at one time.
- The McDaddy of burgers, right here.
- And it's gonna fall apart.
You can't eat this while driving with one hand.
Not that you should be eating, driving with one hand.
Honestly I had very low expectations
so the Secret Menu exceeded those.
- It was very creative.
- So McDaddy burger, A+.
- I feel like the secret menu is just
people (bleep)ing with us at this point
because it's like, why mess up the fries
and why put three sandwiches together as one?
- How do vegetarians get proteins?
- Peanut butter.
- Oh!
- Ah, this is heavy.
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People Try McDonald’s Secret Menu

21362 Folder Collection
Ricky Chang published on February 12, 2017    bamboowater translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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