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Ladies and gentlemen, the holiday season's here.
The holiday shopping is upon us.
And Amazon is trying to make it even easier by debuting a new store concept called Amazon Go.
It's a store where sensors detect which items you’ve grabbed, charge your amazon account and you can just walk out.
Don't believe me? Take a look.
Four years ago, we started to wonder...
What would shopping look like
if you can walk into a store, grab what you want, and just go.
Now Amazon is calling this, "just walk out technology."
(laughing) Is this ground breaking?
Well, that’s how I shopped all through my teenager years.
Now... maybe other retailers can learn from this.
Hey, CVS pharmacy, are you watching?
This is how you do self-check out.
Not me scanning my own stuff for 15 minutes while a women with the ring of keys judges me.
Now apparently, it scans all you items and charges you later.
But I've got to say, at this point,
I’d still be way too nervous that I’d get into trouble.
Do you know what I mean?
I'd go in, grab a sandwich and be like, "I'm taking this, ok?"
I'm leaving now, is...(laughing)
Is everybody cool with this? (laughing) Good, ok.
But I don't know. I prefer the normal way of shopping through Amazon.
You know, buying stuff online at 2 a.m. and being surprised by whatever shows up at my front door. (laughing)
You come home from work--
Ohhh, a Bowflex.
But now let's talk about Donald Trump because this is a late night show and
It's apparently required by law.
Today, Donald Trump learned that a new air force one was being built for 4 billion dollars and it won't be ready until after his first term.
And he tweeted that he wants to cancel the order.
Now, coincidentally there are already a lot of voters who wish they can cancel an order that they made on November 8th.
(cheers and applause)
Does Trump think that twitter is like Siri for the presidency?
He's like, "Twitter, cancel plane order."
"Twitter, appoint someone Secretary of State."
"Oh Twitter, piss off the Chinese woman, Thank you."
Why is he even doing this?
The plane wouldn't be finished until 2022.
"Hey, Trump, why you gotta cramp president Kanye’s style like that. (laughing)
But here is some bad news for anyone flying this holiday season.
United Airlines just announced a new plan where you will have to pay to store a carry-on in the overhead bin.
I know. What next?
In case of a water landing, your seat can be used as a flotation device for only 129 dollars.
Major credit cards accepted.
So for a lower price, you can fly this service which is called "basic economy."
Or for an even lower price, you can stay in the cargo holder with a bunch of Irish immigrants,
hoping to reach a new world.
Now, finally I have to show you this photo that went viral. I don’t know if you saw this.
A couple in Disney World locked lips for a once in a lifetime photo in front of the Cinderella's Castle.
And they were accidentally photobombed by a woman who seems to disapprove.
But hey look at the expression on her face.
Now, I will say in her defense, that guy is her husband.
Can we have a look at the photo again?
Look at her there. Look!
I don't know who this woman is, but I am positive her name is Linda. (laughing)
Now the thing is what you may not know, this woman has been photobombing kisses for a while.
Like who knew she was present at this kiss? (laughing)
And look how she reacted to this kiss? (laughing)
And who knew she can ever have had a problem with this KISS?
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Amazon's "Just Walk Out" Technology Isn't Revolutionary

3381 Folder Collection
Kiara published on March 1, 2017    Jude Chiang translated    Colleen Jao reviewed
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