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Hey guys! I just got back from a trip to Seoul,Korea
I was there for 5 days
and while I was there I filmed
every single thing that I ate
I thought it would make a fun video so I hope
you guys enjoy this
the first place I went to is this very traditional styled
Korean restaurant and we had a dish called
Samgyetang which is a ginseng chicken soup
and they put a whole chicken in there
its very filling and really yummy I recommend it
The next day I when to a cafe with my friend
Bronwin.They had cakes and really delicious looking
desserts.But we had breakfast there.So we got
a latte and some focaccia it was so yummy
Freshly made focaccia bread and we got the eggs beneddict
because it looked delicious and i love eggs beneddict!
I had a very nice salad and these large-cut potato
We went shopping the next day and we saw this
Rice Burger place on the side of the road
and Bronwin said it was really yummy so we had
to go in and try one
Mine is like usually tin foiled-up
Oh my gosh...
its like a burger
but its like..not burger
should we eat it with....?
its so saucy on the inside
lets try that
And of course I had to make a stop at
my favourite pancake place the Original Pancake House
err.. They also have one in Japan so I made a video
about this recently but like...just look at this!
these are so good! I love the ones that are
topped with fresh fruit. SO YUMMY~
and the fruit makes it kinda slightly healthy right?
We also had this apple thing.. I forgot what is this called
But its like an apple pie basically
But the crust is really fluffy and its got like a custard in it
as well.You'll see when we cut it,its really soft.
it was really really good~
So we're out for my favourite Korean food now
which is chicken!
It doesn't sound super Korean but SERIOUSLY Korea has the
BEST fried chicken so if you're ever in Korea
go find a chicken store
they are everywhere and tasty it is. SO GOOD
Okay so last time we got this one...
So its the chicken tendon without the bones?
Its really really good
That sounds good
So its like a big platter of boneless chicken
and then it comes with a salad on the side
what is... What is a drumstick without bones???
See it's pretty cheap
and then the mustard sauce
YES mustard sauce!
Yes lets do it, lets get one of those yeah
Recommended this grapefruit soju
apparently its easier to drink than regular soju
so...im excited to try that
look at the chicken...so its normally it is in long pieces
of chicken
But this is the boneless one
I prefer boneless chicken and it comes with
potato chips.Sometimes it comes with french fries
all restaurants are different
YUMMM lets eat!
Oh! And the sauce is.. This is the best sauce ever
its like mustard sauce and this is like a spicy
chilli sauce.
Breakfast in the morning we went to
the convenience store and I got some strawberry juice
and Bronwin recommended this yogurt
Its a vanilla yogurt and its got chocolate
covered cherrios in it? Kinda like cherrios
Tasted more like dessert than breakfast tho..
But I loved it!
Next we went out for some Budaejjigae
which is translated as "Army Stew"
its called this is because this dish
originated during the Korean War when there
wasn't much food around
so people would go to the US army bases
to get leftovers and they basically combined it
all in a stew.So it has ramen,hotdogs,spam
vegetables,rice cakes. A little bit of everything
Again we got some side dishes like
Kimchi and other vegetables..And a little
container of rice
Probably one of my favourite meals
Then we stopped by at coffee shop
for a hazelnut latte
We also went to a tea house that day and
I got this apple latte and it had like chunks of
apple in it. It was very interesting
We also got some chocolate Korean tea cake
This place was famous for their roll cakes
and I can see why.I don't normally like them
but it was good
The next day I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant
and look at all those side dishes that this
place comes with. I think there were about 6
different types.Kimchi and other vegetables dishes
Really good. And I got this Galbi soup which is like
a beef soup. Again it comes with the rice.
The soup itself has a very simple flavoured broth
its kinda just spiced with salt and pepper
and inside its got meat that is still on the bone
and some noodles and also some rice cake
The next day my friend Meghan took me out for
a Korean Buffet and this place was so nice
they probably had like a hundred different dishes
it was so hard to choose what to eat
I tried to get a little bit of everything but
everything was SO GOOD!!
And for dessert we got this black sesame
ice cream with these glazed sweet potatoes
OH MAH GAWD that ws probably the best part
For dinner I went out for Samgyeopsal which
is a very Korean dish. Its a ..slices of pork
belly,lots of fat on them. This is definitely
not a diet dish. This place is awesome because
it came with two soups which was really yummy
and lots of vegetables,kimchi.What you do is you
cut up the meat into tiny pieces like this
using scissors and then you fry it up and you
wrap it up in a lettuce leaf with some of the kimchi
and the other fillings..SO GOOD!
And we stopped by Baskin Robbins for some dessert
on the way home.Basically like any other
Baskin Robbins.Awesome as usual.
The next day I got some Gimbap and Kimchi
when I was shopping in Myeongdong
And then for lunch I went to a Traditional Porridge Restaurant
Ehh..Juk is the name of the dish and its
basically a rice porridge and its got some really
simple ingredients.Like salmon or kimchi or shrimp
My friend got the kimchi one and I got the tuna version
There is so much tuna in this and its crazy !
But this is really easy to make at home so if
you're interested in trying it yourself just look up
Juk.Tuna Juk Recipe maybe and you'll probably
find something really similar
I make it at home all the time and it tastes just
like the one from the restaurant
And for my last night in Korea I had to
get some more chicken..I know..I'm bad..
But I just love this stuff
Again it had the spicy sauce and the honey mustard
and the sweet pickled radishes
SO GOOD. So bad for me but SO GOOD
ALRIGHT guys that is it!
I hope you guys got some ideas on some things
to eat in Korea if you're going there on a vacation
or anything and I will list all the names of the restaurants
that I ate at down at the description box
so you can look those up if you like and
Thanks for watching! Bye!
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1830 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on December 18, 2016
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