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>> Coming up, it's a special High School Quiz Show
Baseball Edition, with the American League All-Stars...
(cheers and applause)
... taking on the National League All-Stars.
(cheers and applause)
That's next on High School Quiz Show!
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>> Hi, everybody.
Welcome to first ever High School Quiz Show
Baseball Edition.
I'm Billy Costa, your host.
And today's show features two all-star teams made up
of students nominated by schools or coaches for their knowledge
about America's favorite pastime.
All questions in this show are about baseball.
And each team will be led by a very distinguished manager.
And before we meet the teams and their managers, it's time
for you folks at home to grab your mobile phone
or tablet so you can play along with us live, right now.
And all you have to do is log on at highschoolquizshow.org/
Now, for today's matchup we have the American League All-Stars
taking on the National League All-Stars.
Let's get right to it and meet the teams.
Representing the American League we have Anagh
from Ipswich High School,
Gabriel from New Mission High School, in Hyde Park,
Brian from Holbrook Junior/Senior High School
and Paige from Boston Latin School.
And their manager, the voice of the Boston Red Sox
on NESN, Don Orsillo!
>> Hey, guys.
Let's go, guys, do it!
>> Wow!
>> Winning time, winning time.
>> American League!
>> Representing the National League
we have Chris from Swampscott High School,
Justin from Boston Latin Academy,
Aaron from Natick High School,
and Joe from Waltham High School.
And their manager, baseball reporter for ESPN Boston,
Gordon Edes!
>> What's up, fellows?
Let's do it.
>> Let's hear it, National League!
Okay, the competition has four rounds-- a toss-up,
a head-to-head, a category round,
and a lightning round.
We start with the toss-up round.
All answers are worth ten points, and there are
no point deductions for any wrong answers.
You will need to wait for the complete question
to be read before you can buzz in.
And before we actually start the game,
any final words of advice from the coaches?
Don, how about you, the American League?
>> Yeah, the American League.
Let's think about the Boston Red Sox
and what they did in 2013.
They started off tough in spring training.
Nobody expected a lot.
And we expect a lot from you.
Let's go.
Fire up.
(cheers and applause)
>> Gordon Edes, you're heading up the National League.
What do you think?
>> National League team, I saw those chest thumps
during introductions.
I know you guys aren't lacking in any confidence
Act like you've been here before.
Trust your knowledge.
Respect your opponents.
And kick some butt.
(cheers and applause)
>> Oh, man.
I have to tell you, Gordon Edes brought his game face today.
He was trying to psyche out Don in the green room.
We'll see how it all goes.
All right, if everybody's ready to play the game,
Let's go.
What summer resort village in New York is home
to the Baseball Hall of Fame?
Yes, Joe?
>> Cooperstown.
>> Correct.
The beards on the 2013 Boston Red Sox
are already legendary.
What first baseman earned the nickname
"the ringleader of the beards"?
Yes, Justin?
>> Jonny Gomes.
>> No.
American League?
Yes, Anagh?
>> Mike Napoli.
>> Yes.
More balls go to what defensive position than any other?
Yes, Anagh?
>> First base.
>> No.
National League, yes?
>> Aaron?
>> Shortstop.
>> Yes.
In 1920, the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth's contract
for $100,000 dollars to what team that had never won
a World Championship?
Yes, Brian?
>> The New York Yankees.
>> That is correct.
Atomic number 13 refers to what chemical element
used to make metal baseball bats?
Yes, Joe?
>> Carbon.
>> No.
American League?
>> Composite.
>> No, aluminum is the answer.
No, you only get one shot over there, okay,
National League?
Okay, the next question is going to be on
your video screens, and it's the guy
who came to Boston and brought the Red Sox
to a World Series his first year on the job.
Hi, I'm John Farrell, manager of the Boston Red Sox.
Here's my question.
Named after a former major league pitcher,
what surgery for injured elbow ligament
is common among baseball players?
>> Yes, Anagh?
>> Tommy John.
>> Yes.
Red Sox anthems "Tessie" and "I'm Shipping Up to Boston"
were recorded by what Celtic punk band from Quincy, Mass.?
Yes, Gabriel?
>> Dropkick Murphys.
>> Yes, that's correct.
The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
was formed during what 20th-century conflict?
Yes, Joe?
>> World War II.
>> Yes.
In 2013, what Red Sox center fielder signed
a seven-year $153 million contract with the Yankees?
>> Jacoby Ellsbury.
>> Yes.
What Civil War hero who fired the first shot
in defense of Fort Sumter was falsely credited
as the inventor of baseball in 1907?
>> Abner Doubleday.
>> Yes.
What team that played at Ebbets Field is notable
for signing Jackie Robinson as the first black player
in the modern Major Leagues?
Yes, Aaron?
>> The Dodgers.
>> Yes.
Baseball bats have a center of percussion
where the impact with the ball, as felt by the hands,
is minimized.
It's commonly known as what spot?
Yes, Justin?
>> The sweet spot.
>> The sweet spot is right.
In the 2013 Boston mayoral election,
most of the 560 write-in votes were for what Red Sox player?
Yes, Joe?
>> David Ortiz.
>> Yes.
In 1989, who became the only person to hit
a major league home run and score an NFL touchdown
in the same week?
Was it A, Deion Sanders, B, Michael Jordan,
C, Bo Jackson?
Yes, Anagh?
>> Bo Jackson.
>> No.
National League, you want to take a shot?
>> Deion Sanders.
>> Deion Sanders is right.
By the way, also the only person to ever play in both
the World Series and the Super Bowl.
In 2013, more than one quarter of Major League players
were born outside the U.S.
What country contributes more foreign-born players
than any other?
>> Yes, Aaron?
>> Dominican Republic.
>> Yes.
When Daisuke Matsuzaka joined the Red Sox in 2007,
much was written about what supposedly new pitch
thrown with a spiral-like spin and sudden drop?
>> Yes, Joe?
>> Gyroball.
>> Yes.
What famous poem by Ernest Thayer ends
with the line, "But there is no joy in Mudville--
mighty Casey has struck out"?
>> Casey at the Bat.
>> Yes.
In 2004, what Japanese-born player
broke George Sisler's 84-year record for most hits
in a single season?
Yes, Gabriel?
>> Ichiro Suzuki.
>> Right.
Game seven of the 1986 World Series
was one of the most-watched games in history.
The Red Sox lost to what team?
Yes, Joe?
>> Montreal Expos.
>> No.
American League?
>> Brian?
>> New York Mets.
>> Yes.
In what year did Jackie Robinson break the Major League
color barrier?
Was it A, 1937, B, 1947, C, 1957?
And Aaron?
>> 1947.
>> Correct.
Next question is going to be up on the video screen,
a very special guest.
Pay close attention.
>> Hi, I'm Will Middlebrooks, third baseman with
the Boston Red Sox.
Here's my question.
When a pitcher releases the ball,
what large three-headed muscle on the back of the upper arm
provides power?
Yes, Joe?
>> The tricep.
>> Yes.
What Puerto Rican player who died in a plane crash
in 1972 was the first Latino player to be inducted
into the Hall of Fame?
>> Roberto Clemente.
>> That is correct.
In 1985, who surpassed Ty Cobb's record for most career hits?
>> Pete Rose.
>> Yes.
In 1948, what great pitcher from the Negro Leagues
made his rookie appearance with the Cleveland Indians at age 42?
Yes, Chris?
>> Satchel Paige.
>> Yes.
In 1989 the Texas Rangers was sold to an investment group
that included what future
U.S. President?
Yes, Anagh?
>> George W. Bush.
>> Correct.
All right, take a look at your video screens.
That's where you'll find your next question.
In fact, for this question, we went out to
the Red Sox bullpen.
I'm Craig Breslow, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.
Here's my question.
What Hall of Fame catcher, nicknamed "Campy,"
had his career cut short in 1958 when he was paralyzed
in an automobile accident?
>> Chris?
>> Roy Campanella.
>> Yes.
In 1995, what player nicknamed the Iron Man
broke Lou Gehrig's record for most consecutive games
>> Cal Ripkin, Jr.
>> Yes.
(timer sounding)
Oh, man, I was having so much fun.
But that is the end of the first round.
Looking at the score, American League right now,
80 points.
The National League, 180 points.
Let's hear it for both teams, everybody.
Okay, the head-to-head round is up next.
But first, we're going to take a little break in the action
and just chill out a little bit.
And the way we do that, gang, is I've got a question
in my hand.
I will ask the question.
Each of you will get to answer, okay?
We'll start with you, Anagh.
Who's your favorite baseball player, and why?
>> Derek Jeter, because he's a classic leader
and a class act at playing baseball.
>> Now, I was reading your bio, and you say
your command of baseball facts is encyclopedic.
>> Yeah.
>> All right, good for you.
Gabriel, same question for you.
>> Jose Iglesias, because he has the best hands
in MLB, and, like, he's the guy that I want
to be like when I grow up.
>> And you're a ballplayer, right?
>> Yeah.
>> Who are you playing for right now?
>> I play for New Mission High School
and Boston Nationals.
>> And how are you doing?
How's the team doing?
>> Doing good.
>> Okay, good.
>> Brian, same question.
>> Dustin Pedroia's my favorite baseball player.
Just the way he plays the game, very aggressive at the plate
and everything, and a good leader.
So I like all those qualities.
>> Okay.
And you're a bit of a broadcaster yourself now?
>> Yeah, I have a local cable show
on the Holbrook channel, which is the town I live in.
We talk all sports, so it's pretty fun.
>> Okay, same question for you, Paige.
>> Jon Lester, because he remained loyal to the team.
When another team offered him more money he said
they'd have to rip the shirt off his back
before he left the Red Sox.
>> Yeah, I like that!
Now, Paige, you played baseball, and then at one point
you switched to softball.
>> Yeah.
>> And you're currently playing now?
>> Yep.
>> For whom?
>> The Raiders out of Concord, and Boston Latin.
>> And what position do you play?
>> Shortstop.
>> All right, good for you.
All right, now we move over to the National League.
And Chris, same question.
>> I'm going to go with an old one--
Nomar Garciaparra.
>> Whoa.
>> It's my saddest...
>> Nomaah!
>> ...day of my life... that's right.
Saddest day of my life was when he got traded.
I was at a birthday party, did not stop crying.
Had to go home.
>> Now, you're a broadcaster yourself too, right?
>> That's right.
I have... I broadcast almost every sport
in Swampscott.
They call me the Voice of the Big Blue.
My teacher is actually here, Mr. Reed.
>> There you go.
>> So I love what I do.
>> Justin, same question.
I would have to say Mike Trout or Robinson Cano.
>> And why is that?
>> They're both great players, they both work hard,
they... like, Mike Trout came into the league,
he came in working hard, one of the best centerfielders,
Robinson Cano, one of the best second basement.
>> And you're a ballplayer.
>> Yes.
>> What position?
>> Second base, right field.
>> Who are you playing for?
>> Boston Latin Academy, or the Boston Nationals.
>> Good for you.
We've got some ballplayers here, gang.
Aaron, how about you?
Same question.
>> I've kind of got to say, I've got two favorite players.
I've got Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout.
But, I mean, not just because they're amazing players,
and they're, you know, having amazing seasons
and careers, but they helped me win my fantasy baseball league
this past year.
And so you can't argue with that.
>> All right, Joe, now it's down to you.
>> Pulling out a classic-- Ken Griffey, Jr.
>> Ooh.
>> You know, just like the way he played the game,
always giving his all, didn't always swing for the fences,
but he knew when he had to hit a home run--
he would do it.
>> And do you play ball now?
>> I do.
>> You playing for Waltham?
>> Yep.
>> Position?
>> Pitcher, outfield, and first base.
>> Kind of doing it all, huh?
>> Lefty.
>> All right, good for you.
Okay, it's time to go head to head.
And for today's show we're going to bring out
our esteemed managers onto the field
and into the gameplay.
Representing the American League, Don Orillo!
And for the National League, it's the incomparable
Gordon Edes, ESPN Boston!
All right, I am so excited.
This is a first for High School Quiz Show.
We're going head to head.
I've got Don Orsillo right here, Gordon Edes right here.
Let's relax just for a couple of seconds,
all right?
First of all, Don, what are you most
looking forward to for the new Red Sox season?
>> I'm looking forward to seeing if they can do
what they did last year.
I mean, last year was such an incredible, improbable
A lot of the same guys are coming back.
It'll be interesting to see early if this team can
continue the winning that brought them
a championship last year.
>> Gordon, any surprises in the off season
that has you keyed up?
>> No, I think the thing that I'm most
looking forward to, Billy, is the emergence
of the two kids-- Jackie Bradley, Jr.
looking to start in center field for the Red Sox,
and Xander Bogaerts, who showed the poise of a ten-year
veteran during the postseason last year.
That should be an interesting development
to watch.
>> Gordon brought his game face here today.
I thought for sure you were just going to say,
"I'm just looking forward to crushing Don Orsillo
right now in the head-to-head round."
I hope you don't mind, Gordon.
Don and I talked.
We're going to do this whole round in Italian.
All right, here we go.
>> But Billy, before we start...
>> Okay.
>> ...I wonder if you should have Don wipe his hands off.
You know, I would hate for it to slide off the buzzer
because he's sweating so much.
>> Okay, let's go head to head.
The head-to-head round is 90 seconds.
And I need to explain, you get ten points
for correct answers, and incorrect answers
will cost you ten points, okay?
So your teams are counting on you.
You can buzz in as soon as you know the answer.
And if you guys are ready, we've got the clock set.
And here we go.
What award honors the best pitcher
in the National and American leagues?
>> The Cy Young Award.
>> Yes.
What Boston sports arena is named for an outstanding
football and baseball player for BU and the Red Sox?
>> Harry Agganis.
>> Yes.
In 2009 what shortstop broke the Yankees' hit record
held by Lou Gehrig for more than seven... yes?
>> Derek Jeter.
>> Okay.
The term "sabermetrics" was popularized by what
2003 book by Michael Lewis?
Yes, Don?
>> Moneyball.
>> Moneyball.
What U.S. President gave his final campaign speech
at Fenway Park November 4, 1944?
Yes, Gordon?
>> Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
>> Yes.
In the 1970s and '80s, what manager was hired and fired
five times...
>> Billy Martin.
>> Billy Martin.
Fictional pitcher Sam "Mayday" Malone
appears in all 11 seasons... yes?
>> Cheers.
>> Yes.
Oh, man.
What longtime announcer for the Chicago Cubs
was known...
>> Harry Carey.
>> "Holy cow!"
What first baseman for the Tigers was named
the American League MVP... yes?
>> Miguel Cabrera.
>> Yes.
What actor plays fictional baseball prodigy
Roy Hobbs in the 1984... yes?
>> Robert Redford.
>> Yes.
>> Eight members of the Chicago White Sox took part... yes?
>> The 1919 Black Sox scandal.
>> No, no, you jumped too early, Gordon.
Cincinnati Reds would have been the answer there.
But I'm going to move on.
In 1959 what African-American player
broke the Red Sox color line?
>> Pumpsie Green.
>> Yes.
In 1951...
(timer sounding)
Oh, man!
I was having fun.
That's the end of the head-to-head round.
The score right now, American League,
managed by Don Orsillo, 120 points.
The National League, headed up by Gordon Edes,
240 points.
Let's hear it for both teams and their managers!
>> Good job.
>> Good job.
>> Okay, next up for the contestants
here in studio and for everybody
playing along at home, it's the category round.
And we've got six categories.
And they are:
Each category has five questions with increasing
point values.
There is a lot at stake in this round.
You can confer with your teammates,
and you'll need to wait for the complete question
to be read before you buzz in.
Now, the American League Team, headed up by Don Orsillo,
is slightly behind, so you get to choose
the first category.
What's it going to be, team?
>> Stats & Bats.
>> Stats & Bats.
Let's go right there.
These are questions about baseball statistics.
And for ten points, when a pitcher throws
a live ball to a fielder to tag out a baserunner,
the attempt is known as a PK, which stands for what?
Yes, Aaron?
>> Pickoff.
>> Correct.
National League, you've got control of the board.
>> Let's go with Nicknames for ten.
>> Questions about, well, baseball players' nicknames.
For ten points, what baseball legend
with a remarkable 56-game hitting streak was called
"The Yankee Clipper"?
Yes, Gabriel?
>> Joe DiMaggio.
>> Yes.
And now American League, you've got the board back.
>> Stats & Bats for 15.
>> Stats & Bats for 15.
What infraction is charged against a pitcher
when his pitch is too high, too low, or too wide
of home plate?
>> It's a ball.
>> No.
American League, you want to try it?
Yes, Anagh?
>> Wild pitch.
>> Wild pitch is right.
You've still got the board, American League.
>> Stats & Bats.
>> 20 points.
Which of the following does not affect
a player's batting average-- A, fielder's choice,
B, sacrifice fly, C, walk-off home run.
Yes, Joe?
>> A sacrifice fly.
>> That is correct.
And now National League, you've got the board.
What's it going to be?
>> Let's go Stats & Bats for 25.
>> 25 points.
If a team plays 25 games and earns 125 runs,
what is the team's average number of runs
per game?
Yes, Joe?
>> Five runs per game.
>> Correct.
>> Stats & Bats for 30.
30 points, Stats & Bats.
Calculate a player's batting average if he gets
15 hits out of 60 official at-bats.
Yes, Chris?
>> It's .250.
>> .250 is right.
And National League, you've still got the board.
You'll need a new category now, though.
>> Nicknames for 15.
>> Nicknames for 15.
What Red Sox outfielder nicknamed
"The Splendid Splinter" hit .406 in 1941?
Yes, Aaron?
>> Ted Williams.
>> Yes.
And you've still got it.
You want to stay here or move?
>> Nicknames for 20.
>> 20.
For his clutch hitting in the postseason
for the Oakland A's and the New York Yankees,
who was nicknamed "Mr. October"?
>> Reggie Jackson.
>> Correct.
>> We'll do Pop Fly for ten.
>> Pop Fly, questions about baseball in popular culture.
And for ten points, what 1908 song by Jack Norworth
and Albert Von Tilzer has become baseball's unofficial anthem?
Yes, Aaron?
>> "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."
>> Yes.
And now National League, you're back in control.
>> Nicknames for 25.
Nicknames, 25.
What player who began in the Negro Leagues
and played in 24 All-Star Games was nicknamed "the Say Hey Kid"?
Yes, Chris?
>> Willie Mays.
>> Correct.
>> Nicknames for 30.
>> 30.
Regarded by many of his contemporaries
as the greatest player of all time, what shortstop
was known as "the Flying Dutchman"
for his superb speed?
Yes, Aaron?
>> Honus Wagner.
>> Yes.
You'll need a new category, National League.
>> How about Pop Fly for 15?
>> Pop Fly, 15.
"There's no crying in baseball!"
Tom Hanks delivers this memorable line
in what 1992 film about a women's baseball league?
Yes, Joe?
>> A League of Their Own.
>> Correct.
>> Pop Fly for 20.
>> 20.
According to Abbott and Costello,
Who's on first and What's on second.
Name the player on third.
Yes, Chris?
>> I Don't Know.
>> I Don't Know is right.
You've still got the board.
>> Fever Pitch for ten.
>> Fever Pitch.
Questions about pitchers for ten points.
What pitcher known for his knuckleball
retired in 2012 after 17 years with the Red Sox?
>> Tim Wakefield.
>> Yes.
>> Fever Pitch for 15.
What Red Sox pitcher for the 2004 World Series
is an eight-time All-Star and three-time Cy Young winner?
Yes, Joe?
>> Curt Schilling.
>> No.
American League?
>> Pedro Martinez.
>> Yes, indeed.
You've got the board, American League.
>> Fever Pitch for 20.
>> 20.
The New York Mets won the 1969 World Series
with help from what great pitcher
named "Tom Terrific"?
Yes, Aaron?
>> Tom Seaver.
>> Yes, and you've got it back, National League.
>> 25.
>> Fever Pitch, 25.
What Red Sox legend was one of the best pitchers
of the 1970s and won more games than any other
Cuban-born player?
>> Luis Tiant.
>> El Tiante, yes.
And you've still got the board.
>> Fever Pitch for 30.
In Game 2 of the 1916 World Series, who pitched
a 14-inning complete game to beat the Dodgers 2-1?
(buzzer sounding)
Babe Ruth.
Babe Ruth.
National League, you've got control.
>> Quotes for ten.
>> Familiar Quotations, questions about baseball quotes.
And for ten, what catcher is known for amusing sayings
such as "Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical"?
>> Yogi Berra.
>> You got it.
You going to stay here?
(timer sounding)
Oh, and there's the bell ending the category round.
The score right now, American League 180 points,
National League, 475 points.
Let's hear it for both teams!
Okay, we're heading into the final 90 seconds
of gameplay, the lighting round.
Now, you get 20 points for correct answers.
Incorrect answers will cost you 20 points.
And as a reminder, you can buzz in
as soon as you know the answer.
The clock is set, and gang, good luck.
Here we go.
What is the oldest major league baseball park
still in use?
Yes, Anagh?
>> Fenway Park.
>> Yes.
Major league spring training is held in Florida
and what other state?
>> Arizona.
>> Yes.
On a baseball position chart, what position is listed
as number one?
Yes, Chris?
>> Pitcher.
>> Yes.
Bruce Springsteen's album Born in the USA includes
what song about high school... yes?
>> "Glory Days."
>> Yes.
What Detroit Tigers pitcher was named American League
Rookie of the Year in 2006?
Yes, Anagh?
>> Justin Verlander.
>> Yes.
Name the only major league team whose home stadium
is outside the United States.
Yes, Aaron?
>> The Toronto Blue Jays.
>> Yes.
In 1914 the Red Sox purchased Babe Ruth
from what minor league team?
Yes, Anagh?
>> The Pawtucket Red Sox.
>> No, Baltimore Orioles.
In 2012, what Seattle Mariners pitcher threw the 23rd...
yes, Brian?
>> Felix Hernandez.
>> Yes, King Felix.
Fenway Park is on what street named for a former... yes?
>> Yawkey Way.
>> Yes.
What Canadian team moved to Washington, D.C.
to become the Washington... yes?
>> The Montreal Expos.
>> Yes.
In January 2014, what 37-year-old slugger
for the Texas Rangers announced his retirement?
>> Michael Young.
>> No, Lance Berkman.
>> What diehard Red Sox fan is the author of horror novels
like Misery... yes?
>> Stephen King.
>> Yes.
What World War II veteran and great hitter
for the Cardinals... yes?
>> Stan Musial.
>> Yes.
The College World Series is an annual tournament
held in what U.S. city?
>> Omaha.
>> Omaha is corre...
(timer sounding)
There's the bell ending the game.
And the winner, the National League, 555 points.
(cheers and applause)
American League, 300 points.
That's a good time.
It's all about baseball!
And a special thank you to all of our all stars,
and of course, Don Orsillo and Gordon Edes,
for a great game.
But that's it for now.
And we'll see you next week right here on
High School Quiz Show.
Play along with High School Quiz Show every week at
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(cheers and applause)
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High School Quiz Show: Baseball Edition

576 Folder Collection
Pedroli Li published on December 18, 2016
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