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  • -All right, come on now, pal.

  • Seriously, who are you really?

  • (IRRITATED) I already told you.

  • I'm Santa Claus.

  • (DISBELIEVING) Oh, yeah?

  • Well, if you're Santa then what did I ask for for Christmas

  • when I was 12?

  • Nothing.

  • Because it was the year you found

  • that "Penthouse" in the woods.

  • [gasps] You really are Santa!

  • Am I really heavier than you?

  • I, I, I got to-- I got to take control.

  • Look, I'm not very happy with you.

  • You can't go around in that suit pretending you're me

  • and acting like a complete jackass.

  • What're you talking about?

  • People love me.

  • They give me free stuff.

  • No.

  • They love me.

  • You're just exploiting my brand for personal gain

  • and destroying my reputation.

  • So there's, like, no toilet on the sleigh.

  • So, you're, you're just, you're just crapping

  • in people's houses, right?

  • You're not hearing me!

  • Stop wearing that suit or else!

  • Or else what?

  • (THREATENING) Or else I will put you

  • at the top of my naughty list.

  • You know, you're not talking to a little kid anymore,

  • so get the hell out of my face, Santa.

  • I like this suit and I'm keeping it.

  • Now, if you'll excuse me, you're standing

  • in my strip club spaghetti.

  • I got to get this home to my family for supper.

  • [door opens, closes]

  • [car starts, tires squeal away]

  • (THREATENINGLY) You better watch out.

  • [ominous music playing]


  • [elven footsteps run off]

-All right, come on now, pal.

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Santa Threatens Peter Griffin | Season 15 Ep. 9 | FAMILY GUY

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    yuting CCCC posted on 2016/12/18
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