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My shield is my sword
Show me your best
Let us go!
Uh uh
No dilly dally
Take heart
No dilly dally
It is easy, don't worry, see?
Is on the job
My shield is here for you
Mother always said
"Stand behind braum!"
When going get's tough
You call Braum!
Don't move
Not so fast!
Braum is here!
Life is good, no?
Now this is fun
No mister nice Braum
Move like the herd
Think carefully
Baby ram is on the job
Good shot
Keep your spirits high
Kick it back
Today we fight!
No time for worrying
You thought you're in trouble
First we fight
Then we eat!
You are safe with Braum
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Braumix | League of Legends Community Collab

256 Folder Collection
simba published on December 17, 2016
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