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  • It's over here on Wall Street for December the 12th. Here is the New York Minute

  • It's been a generally messy day

  • Stock markets around the world failing to get much transaction

  • Bond yields rising, and one very big head fake from the oil price,

  • which as you can see shot up at the opening on the news that non-OPEC countries were going to join in, trying to limit supply

  • And then spent the rest of the day giving that gain back

  • One more lasting trend, however, if you take a look at German inflation breakevens

  • you can see that they're highest in more than a year, it looks as though the ECB, to its delight

  • is at last persuading investors that there is some inflationary pressure in the Eurozone

  • For another cautionary tale of the current conditions in the US,

  • let's take a look at the Aerospace & Defence sector

  • You can see that it rallied very sharply after the election, plainly people thought that President Trump was likely to be spending a lot more on defence

  • But you can see its comeback in the last few days, if you take a look in detail at what's happened in the beginning of last week

  • It's fallen very sharply after negative tweets from president-elect about first Boeing, and then Lockheed Martin

  • Be careful of the power of the tweet

  • and that's the New York Minute

It's over here on Wall Street for December the 12th. Here is the New York Minute

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Cancel Defence rally!

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