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- Hey, what's up?
My name is Mark from 12WeekAthlete.com
and today in this video I'm gonna show you
how you are able to transform your body in 14 days.
Okay, welcome back!
So this is my 500 rep challenge.
^I'm doing 100 pull-ups,
^100 push-ups,
^100 dips,
^and 200 sit-ups
^for the next 14 days with no breaks at all.
^No rest days, nothing at all.
^Now, why am I doing this?
^Because I want to challenge myself
^and see what can I do personally
^in the next 14 days.
^How can I change my body?
^So that was a little bit experiment I did
and here's a little sneak peak of how you can see,
how that affected my body.
It's quite a dramatic change.
Now this video sectioned in,
you'll see me taking my body measurements and so on
before I go on this journey,
then you see my,
then you see my little bit of workout section,
then you see me taking the body measurements after
I have done the 14 days
and then I'm gonna compare both next to each other.
So you can actually really visually see the difference.
If you want to skip ahead down in the description box below
I tagged them,
the each section you can go there right now if you want,
but I urge you to please hit the Like button.
I want to make sure this video gets
as many likes as possible and shares and so on.
Because it is quite astonishing I think
what you can achieve in just two weeks time.
Yeah, if you haven't subscribed yet,
here is the subscribe button.
Punch that one now
and enjoy the video!
Okay, welcome back!
Now live at my testing studio,
what I mean by that,
I am gonna be showing you my upper body,
seeing what state I'm in.
We are gonna do my weight and my body fat percentage
before I head into the 500 rep challenge for 14 days.
So, here we go!
Let's have a look!
Alright, so I hope that was enough
to see sort my body shape right now,
we'll see what happens in 14 days.
Okay, so now I'm gonna take my weight.
I'm just gonna put that scale on the floor
and so you can hear it work.
There you go.
Ready to go.
So stepping on it.
Okay, so I am, as of right now.
You can see it.
91.7 kg.
That's my starting weight
and so we'll see.
Alright, so I'm using the Skulpt body measurement,
body fat measuring tool to figure out,
how much body fat I have right now before staring this
14 day challenge.
And the way it works, you just you know,
you hold it on three points,
because we are doing the three point test in here.
You can test every single muscle,
but that's gonna take too long
so we're just gonna test three areas
which gonna be triceps, the abs, and the quad.
And based on that it'll give us
the overall body fat percentage.
Now, I can't hold the microphone here all the time,
so I'm gonna clip it on to my shorts.
Hopefully you can still hear me
and so we are gonna start.
All you need to is
you need to press Measure,
now we go to Quick Test,
and let's do this.
So what you need to do is,
here we've got them a lot of sensors
and they need to be sort of wet to be able
to take the body, body fat measurement.
So now, all you do is you just hold it here,
press it on there,
press the Begin button first.
Hold it.
I can see it's doing something.
That came up with 9.3% body fat on my triceps.
So, then you say Continue.
Now we do right abs.
Again make sure it's nice and wet here.
And so, hold it there.
Pushing it down.
And that says 8.2% body fat.
And now we go to
the quad.
We need, I always forget,
you need to press Continue.
So Continue.
And right quad, pushing it down.
That says 8.6% body fat.
Now you need to press Continue.
I'm gonna come up and see this.
And now it says the overall body fat percentage is 10.1%.
That's where we start, where we stand.
And so we'll see what happens.
See in a bit.
Okay, so this is me doing the actual workouts now.
The thing is I missed filming the first four days,
so this is already my fifth day of training.
What I can say is that I was massively soar after my first
and second day.
It obviously was such a, you know, hard workout to do
and I needed actually time to rest in between.
So my very first workout took me around 45 - 50 minutes
to complete.
I had loads of rests in between all of these exercises.
The way I broke it down was I started off with 40 sit-ups,
then I went to do 20 push-ups,
then I did 20 dips, as you can see here,
and I did them in lots of 10's,
so after 10 I shook,
I need to shake my arms out a little bit.
Because I do want to make sure that my form was correct.
After that I went into pull-ups I did again 10 and 10,
so 20 pull-ups and then this whole thing five times
and that took me, like I said,
45 minutes the very first time I did it
and then later on the last day I was able to do it
under 30 minutes.
So a huge improvement in terms of my body adapting
to the sort of stress I'm putting on it.
Now what I will say, if you ever this,
if you want to do this yourself,
you will need to warm-up properly,
you need to make sure that your joints,
especially your shoulder joint,
because you are putting so much,
you know, pressure in terms of pulling
and pushing motion on that joint.
You need to make sure that, that's warmed up properly.
I would recommend do go on a running machine
or you know get your cardiovascular system up a little bit,
I put running.
And yeah then do a lot of you know rotational exercise
for your, for your shoulder joint.
And here you can see me rest,
because I do needed some time off in between.
Now you can see me doing the push-ups,
I think this is the 10th day now, or something,
so it's getting already a bit quicker.
And you know, I'm able to push through much easier
without any rest.
Now what I will say is that it's not about any sort of
you know, how you do the exercise,
in terms of lowering yourself on a count of three
and pushing motion on a count of one.
You know, just do the reps.
You can do them fast, you can do them slow,
whatever you want to do them,
but make sure the form is correct.
That's really the main difference
but the terms of time under tension or speed is irrelevant
for this challenge.
Yeah, another thing I wanted to throw in here
is I used chalk for my hands a lot.
You can see that here when I do the pull-ups
my, it is just better for grip purposes,
and also I'll, you know, after I finish with the pull-ups,
I'm gonna show you my actual hands
and how they adopted to this sort of stress you put on them.
And that's very normal that your body adapts,
not only in terms of muscular adaption
or adaptation process,
your joints, your tendons, everything adapts,
and especially your skin.
Okay, let's have a look at how my hands adapted
to this whole process.
I'm gonna try to zoom in and that you can see this.
There we go.
You can see these bumps here on my hand
and on that side as well.
That sort of normal for guys who lift, obviously,
but I'm gonna try to get a bit closer.
So this is an accumulation of skin which get used
to sort of the pressure you are putting on it
and it's very normal that you get that.
The problem is though that when you,
when you don't do anything with it.
You need to basically cut that off with like,
like a knife or something,
something specially you can do that with.
Because if you don't that this will get bigger
and bigger, and bigger and then at one point
if you do a pull-up or whatever sort of pulling motion
this might actually rip off and be very, very painful.
You've seen it probably in some videos
or maybe your friend has had it,
or you might have not seen it
then you have been quite lucky,
because it's quite ugly actually.
But one other thing I would recommend
is to use chalk,
you can see that in the videos before,
that I was using something white to put my hands in.
It just takes all the moist away from your hand,
you have like a solid grip
and you are able really, you know,
focus on just the pulling motion.
Yeah, that is all I wanted to share.
And let's continue.
Okay, 14 days later we are here again.
I'm gonna show you my body
again like we did before
then we are gonna do the weight
and we are gonna do the body fat.
So let's jump right into it.
Okay, so I hope that was enough to see sort of my,
my little transformation,
so you can see,
I mean visibly see that I have lost weight.
I can feel it in my clothes I'm wearing and stuff,
but we are gonna see how much fat I actually lost
when we're gonna do the body fat percentage.
So we're gonna do the weight now.
Okay, let me jump on the scale
and I'm using the same scale I used before.
Here you can see that one.
You know, same one.
I'll put it down,
press the button,
and now I'll jump on it.
Here we go.
Wow, that's crazy.
Have a look.
87.1 kg.
^87.1 kg.
^That's crazy!
^That's a massive loss, I started with 91.7 to 87.1.
^I will gonna put the stats down any way in a second.
^Okay, next one we're gonna do is the body fat.
^I'm gonna clip this again to my pants
like I did before,
so we can see what's going on.
We use the body Skulpt to measure my body fat again,
and let's start by measuring the body fat on the triceps.
So here we go.
Hold it.
Then we go Continue.
And now next one is gonna be the abs.
And the last one is gonna be the quad.
So let's see what we have there.
You can't see that
but trust me I'll press it on my quad as good as possible.
And here we go.
^And this is my overall body fat percentage.
^7.9% body fat,
^which is ridiculous, this is crazy.
^In two weeks time I lost
^2.2% body fat.
Well, you know.
I'm happy with that.
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500 Reps a Day for 2 Weeks Challenge 2016 - [100 Push ups, Pull ups, Dips & 200 Sit ups a Day]

361 Folder Collection
Yuen Chun Wong published on December 13, 2016
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