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subjects converge here bringing you the new schedule legendary fredy eighth
mission immediately to campaign sacred icon
now i'm gonna make a special note about this mission undersea right now i'm well
aware that you can skate every single encounter in this mission up until the
very end rates as a hundred thousand years slow that said
not even going to bother just saying if you want to fight this fight already
know that you can spend everything
uses person
hierarchies did come out
using rewards within our grasp
body weight
we wish to express markers are bruce reconditioning the card with a radical
recent events have made and the scandal longer india sink
ratio radio
potted leads have threatened to resign
quit icons
because of this
we or was the new projects
these are trying to find or all of us
even as the humans and i a latent really appreciated action
lots of one of the state and read grabbed our hearts with green
putting side
we've renewed our faith in the prophecy that other dreams would be found
and see
however faith has the reporting
hey you know
coupon in waiting will rush
through that start propelling all wherever you are on the back
uh... would stop these
rages research for one month old
and with and
with appropriate military we tried the oracle with questions
and with clarity immigration action or omission pete
you will do anything to surface of the ring and retrieve the secret dot com
which without problems
for all
and the
integrates journey
restricting the
which could lead to our road trip
who grip
who owns it
the demands of you
victory review article michael milken's there
may have a couple traces of effective weapons here
i prefer to all possible rifles which can find in this weapon scream
another option is the carbine which is great against unskilled sentinels but
class against shielded sent tool for us
arrivals however
are great against both shielded sentinels and on children sandals which
is why her program another possible option
great ad blasting samples out of the year with that overcharged and consign
but it was unavailable
very quickly
another note about this mission for those of you who haven't actually plated
on legendary
you actually have to shoot those kristen's on heroic and legendary you
don't have the option to press exco
that's only uneasy in
okay so as far as the combat goes it's actually very sad
just last all the sentinels and the samples owners with the tool plasma
the to samples
open at one time you never know which to its gonna be
cd that i think this is for the samples
search keep your eyes open for those who break the white to s
and then waddell
cabinet is that
the facility we private constantly
redeploy sentinel reinforcements can dave there is no open to to the area
people will be more to justice one more sentinels
all the two
have been destroyed it won't give us one more samples and then you can move on
this serious plays out the exact same way as the
first one there's just a couple more samples waters i believe there's five
and then you have to runs in the jackal as allies
should keep watching for those tubes opening and then last all the samples in
order to s
here is in the last three rooms blast all the samples of old toots with your
google plasma rifles
most of this is just the improvising
not relief that for
the only advice i would give is that samples waters
priority actual sentinel
unless of course you're getting really chewed up which case activator active
camel in school
or the same here just keep blasting sentinels in circles on is because
plasma rivals
the big scary thing that that crime is talking about
is the enforcer in the next one
you really don't need to worry that much about
here allies on live they aren't that hopeful
and even if you do get them through this route they're just going to get off the
literate and by the end for certain extra
christ's extract
i'd like to do this room
by taking out for the samples and sent most waters first
then focusing on
you see i switched to the carbine
and that's for two reasons
the sample sparse
dismantled pretty far away and you need a longer-range weapon into a possible
rifles feet other reason i prefer the carbine
this area is that a full-blown parentals
is because i'd like to see
what's left of the charge from those doors last
to take down here
or surplus and finished with the sentence now their bars three unused
plasma rifles in the area
lake instead of picking those up to take down the enforcer
i prefer to use the last of the two that i started with and then i can carry to
for one hundred percent plasma rifles into the next area so and note about
while they will kill you very quickly if they're bullets or missiles content
they've really
good at the
long as you stay on the move
they've really shouldn't clothes and promise to you
you can see means
none of the other side of mostar sorrowful
happens you need to take out a couple of the samples in the area so that it will
call for reinforcements
it'll open a couple years most foreigners to provide the
so this of course means that you should then proceed to destroy them by shooting
them three times with your carbine
now if i mentioned
before that the parties
against shielded sentinels
but that's not a problem for this area because none of the samples will be
sold once told the sentinel spotters are taking no many take out the last of the
electrical plus rifles
last the hell out of that before certainly
i'd like to take out the latest first just because it gives me some
of how much bandits have inflicted on it
and then once they've both been knocked off cosmonauts flask
a lot of it
until a false
it really should take that long
leftward pulls
once before sir staking out then offered locks
three exception
he can find to unused plaza rifles back here by these dead britannica runs
so swap out your nearly completed ones
and then when you're ready hit the button and enjoy the view
this section
you hard introduced
height needed testable demanded
the cuban combat
it also introduces a much faster testable
bodies angelou sentinel beans and they're about twice as strong
fortunately for this room
there's enough sentinels andean
you pretty much do not have to fight the condo
for it's so that's what i would
recommend we used to be right not to
usually combat forest because you really don't have the powerful weapons to deal
instead blood in the senate fight amongst each other
kick off the sandals and the senate responders just like you've been doing
now the difficult
part about picking off the sentinels is gonna be taking out the majors
in general fees
more than one at a time or elsewhere
although sometimes that's not possible
which case you use your tactic him a little anyway
your active
handled here is actually more useful defense of it's austin's
i sometimes jokingly
leave me alone
but the properly using you need to stay on the move
because even if you disagree
keep shooting where they saw u_-mass so if you're in that position where they
saw you
they're gonna shoot
so the safest
funds can be pissed
at least some
only the sandals
what i'd like to give activate my active camel stick my head out
overwhelms waters
blasted the files brightness
reason why i'd like to you
rifles this section
more close quarters last section
most of the senate
are going to be shielding
and as i said before
against shield it sounds
once you've destroyed all the set
most foreigners and the remaining
you'll get a check
feasible by down
or sentinel majors will float in from the door you need to leave through
need to take them out before you can go after the enforcer so once again are
insurances might stay in place here i'm actually kind of panicking at the moment
because i think that the wrong weapons
csn two different simultaneous and i don't have a middle-class bristles
tactical find them
once you take out all four central majors
blast the hell out of you
it'll probably keep into account quicker than the first one because taking damage
from combat forms
now master everything is said and done
i recommend grabbing a battle rifle and assembled
the plasma rifles are great against sentinels but their crap against combat
forms and that's mostly what you're going to be fighting in this section
the best way to kill a human
forcefully energy source
you don't have one bill
next best option
you're next best option
used to kill them with
the problem is
their headshot area
is not
where you would think it would be
not on their head
and it's not on there
best way i can describe riverhead shot is
defeats on
building left
and that's there last night
it's basically on the side of the world
this section is actually more
height really think it should be
because you
cannot destroy
combat form by
bungee really
really screwed up here
any takes
attacks to destroy a dead
that many melee attack status
cannot go around
and destroyed bodies mailing
which means that
section forms for texts to read it
they will revive
any combat foreign bodies that haven't been destroyed
highly recommended
cannot believe i just said
duets and
sehr actually
have to decide
for the past
no longer have available
their craig against
and their actually half decent against sentinels people
hiding recommend
battle rifle
or a magnet
since cairo stations that i have to wielded to use a messy weapons
i feel that i was little
there is a right
to dual wield u_n_ asking why
is displayed both of them at the same time and then when your clip runs empty
the right way is to spray one-at-a-time
and alternates
this way
you'll never be caught with their pants down while you're reloading
already without either way there's going to be a plunge of waves combat forms
that spawned from those fans
believe it or not
actually not infant
deep freeze
for a set number of times
and that means that the strategy we use in the previous room
worry shoot all the samples waters to hit the floor of the site
doesn't applies
save yourself a great deal of trouble here
might not using the same
ill keep redeploying sentinels which will serve as a pretty effective
distractions to keep the float off your back if you need to run away
in addition to that
there will be at
least a few combat force with shotguns
easiest way did i hear
is to get shot
the kill ranges
lakeview use a shotgun
sometimes you can even
point-blank bring
when it comes out
form uses a shotgun against you
they can kill you
one-shot kill
up to a bell
went to your twenty five feet away
that's why you want to keep the sentinels alive so that they'll deal
with it
now a lot of times when he told combat
built rapport fragment made or two
have selenium
flag-burning and theoretically he could use those against the combat forces
the problem here is that human combat forms forty x dreams
failed notice the grenadines went away from
before it goes off he wanted anything
anyway once the combat forms starts falling
you can kill the rest of the samples of the samples
any weapon you really want to
i'd highly recommend at least joaquin
for a short time
because sometimes of the above
when one of them
some dead calm performance
time demonstrating worst-case scenario here where you cannot find a shotgun
when the flood stops wanting
all the weapons that they've dropped on the ground wool d sports
and that's the reason why
all the time
once you're ready to move on grab yourself tool that send cheese with the
battle rifle secondary
if you're bala rights was running on an old
places with the facts
can now this section is
for easier to you just completed
no matter how doesn't it
it's gonna be
and i felt twenty
that'll revives them so what you want to do
his kill them with headshots from the battle right four magnum
and featured two lessons
and use them to destroy the infection forms
if yes
haven't acquired a shotgun up to this point uh... this is where you get one
grabs the shotgun three loaded and that i highly recommend your secondary to be
dual magnum switch it finds might be for the ride
elected toss a couple fragrant it's here to destroy all those instructions forms
over there
it also get the comment forms tension and milstar running towards you
about bunch of these guys are gonna have shot so i recommend taking them out from
range would be that the battle rifle
or mechanisms their too fast
and it's never a good idea to try to use a shotgun
hospital with fight on legendary
okay then that said
he recommends using
saving your shotgun for when you get overwhelmed
and remember like i said before
only fire one of your magnum seven
remote so they could never caught with your pants down reloading
what i'm doing here is that i'm not sure if there are any neft
some just firing a shot to make some delays and if there are any nafta i
would immediately see red blips on my most
of them sprinting towards me
when you get the checkpoint a bunch of combat forms are going to spawn in front
of you
and this time sentinels are getting into the fray from your right
stuff i find
sentinels tend to make things
than to actually be helpful
or useful
so i just take them out first and then i go out
painting this before you come back
leisure shotgun
pick it up close and personal
at some point
carriers up ahead
so at that point i recommended
wiring either do a lesson fees were sent home
taking up all the infection forms before they can revive too many combat forms
not apologize for fucking around a little bit here i saw that read blip on
my radar
and i thought it was a combat form up above me so i spend a little time trying
to wait for it to jump down turns out it was just a little inspection form
more the same here this can be a bunch of combat forms a bunch of the murder
and shot and sand
magnum sorry sticking out
pick it up
now here is a nightmare scenario an actor
cannot believe they didn't die here
comment form with a shotgun sprinting to write forming
that happens to activate your active camels
field making out on the
guarantee that you will
more carriers here
switched will essentially is to take out all these section for seems to be done
there's going to be another group dot com that forms in terror for security
i'd like to start with the coupled with the aids
and then all you can take out the rest with the shotgun where they do a lesson
and here it is a prime example
of the usefulness of alternate week
this is the correct way to do a wheeled essentially
okay now that everything's died down watch how many melee attack cid takes to
destroy a single combat form when i don't have the source
let's try that again maybe that was just a fluke
not a fluke
twenty-two mainly attacks on legendary
anyway when you're ready to move on to grab yourself do essentially synar's
much analicia confined for them
this is this
this route please he recently
to the room when you first
hartley says make your own little
you have
a bunch of sentinels and as enforcer
and budget summit
the major difference between this room and the one before that
is that you don't
coarser isn't
hovering overhead this yet
so the strategy use is very similar
take a all the samples in the senate waters with through less energy
and if those dramatic and uh... you know it's uh...
this time
if you exceed an elite provoked the slide into attacking the it's no big
deal but if you got a shot
put together
all the samples that are there initially which is pending
and then the samples waters will open thank you gene
if you need it you can find some shot down and
it's something like this happens
where your fighting the sentinels and a combat forms attacks you
just activate your active camo around way descend also deal with the combat
form and then you can get away
within a few feet
picking up
samples of our nation's just keep moving so that means
and then once there's no more samples of combat forms the area
rather send morphine
and shoot the legs off the enforcer
actually have to destroy right
because there's a raucous water in the next area that you can use to finish it
off which is what i'm going to be but you do need to weaken it by shooting and
snags offer us is gonna take three rockets
graphic watering question
once you've shot pool exhausting for sir you can either find residencies that you
dropped grabbed her sentencing
the thing about the central thesis that gives you much more range then yes
they consume samples varies very quickly you'll need to be constantly replace
in addition to that is simply
not fun
to fight more than one shielded sent
with the sentinel key
same thing here is the four
keep the samples and sent most bonner swiss you get some of the
with the to listen to use whichever you prefer annex
if you have been destroyed the enforcer
it will follow you over to this area
but not the only
there's a rocket launcher down here that you can use to send a signal it only
comes with two shots
but it shouldn't take any more
when the area's clear
head over here and grabbed the to magnanimous to replace your sanity
nobody's area is
very challenging
they can also be a lot of fun since there aren't really any infection or
carrier for
human combat forms for now
uh... and you can see them all with headshots from
the only real danger here
wanted to comment
seven o'clock
welcome back
not being able to see
tire missions we too dark for not having flashlight
right generally like to take up the position
because for the most part dole run right as you from this quarter that it's
easier to shoot them out
again if you get overwhelmed
post breakup shouted
we don't need essentially is for now this was actually mistaken and ridiculed
but you will later on because carreer forms an infection forms are going to
enter the fray
and remember alternate your remote seeing ever get caught removing
this is a web hubbell i we use a very occasionally because it gives me the
magnum for the combat forms
any tests and she's for the carrier and infections
daily problems
devoting the magna
now when that happens you'll need to break out the shotgun
just be aware that
some combat forms are gonna jump down from above and
carrier for
this area please tell the almost the exact same way as the previous one
except now you need comment form sent to the fray
finally you have accessed plasma rivals
just remember though that the plasma rivals are for destroying sent
certain no fluid again
the there
it's pretty common to run on shotgun ammo for this part
and said no that there's a full shot here where you can pick up hamel
parade for the leave me alone but
actually that was critical of your
for the same here more combat forms close human immunity
more sentinels
uh... but there are no carrier
forms here
so kill combat forest with head shots from the mac nuns then you can take up
the sentinels either with licensees possible rifles are sent
there's animals dash over here with shotgun magnanimous and she handle but
usually by the time you reach it the aerial declare
usually i try to keep these guides professional
fucking here
an energy source
feel free to do your happy dance you have an energy sort now
is also a couple plasma rifle story about
ground so i just like to grab those
without the
soared this part would normally
because you have a bunch of
unique combat forms
one of the nastiest tricks bungee several
infinitely responding infections
you can take uh... combat forms out from a distance of the far behind
make sure you destroy their bodies
will be revived
whenever you're ready to move on
grab a fresh energy sort of her here
and cool plasma levels from the weapons-grade
this car is pretty easy just use the energy soared today so to combat forms
and the plasma rifles on the infection in carrier forms
is going to be about
before you need to drop pods into next you tend to frosted
in my experience i've only ever been able to save
we have found that most
the weapons that the for what's going on with no random here one thing though
energy source
activity rayl by this
first wrote
a bunch of combat forms are gonna spawned over here
yet the grenades out
this can be at
shotgun over there friday
so you don't get any worse here
is also going to be one with a rocket launchers get away from iraq so that you
once you take out most of the unusual group you can finish off the rest of the
used robertson
disparate usual has been compromised we must do what we tried the gloves before
and commanders wanted from the room lotion to review
as long as you've got to sort through this party really doesn't matter what
your secondary weapon is i've picked up a rocket launcher you can
shotgun organized plasma
so more the same here take these guys out with your sword
and then meet up with the spec ops commander
on the east hurts over here by this boot camp
the best way to handle this in connor is to keep them offer those her it's
away those threats of classic thirty it's very similar to what i did it
what are you doing
so with those stationary tourists display
your allies will actually fight on foot rather than hopping on hand and they'll
actually be kind of useful
your primary goal
is to get as many of them or at least energy sources
a lot of times this is easier said than done because the weapons that the combat
sports club
some kinds of also-rans sometimes you'll get known
are fantastic
tidied here i would not work
i aren't plainly historic with a shotgun and rocket launch instead
this almost did not work
so i would recommend for holding on to sort and only harming your allies with
swords if you've got a extras
on the other hand it is nice
many of them have soared
when the
page than with melee attacks
they'll make laid back into town
and you should know
mainly is damn near useless against combat forms especially when the
computer controlled aoi
now and the advantage of yousendit rocket launcher is that you've got a lot
of splash damage and you'll actually just
lloyd bodies with it
the disadvantage is that a lot of time to get your allies ticket
a few really desperately can go with dual
house rifles but i wouldn't recommend it because it's fixed on lot shots takedown
combat form
something else i also wouldn't recommend
don't arm these guys with the rocket launchers their just benefit themselves
the spec ops commander it's over one is invincible
but the other two balloon ones are not anyone as many of them alive as possible
the national anthem speakers here after the phantom rights
usually that involves uh... mopping up a couple infection forms may be a combat
former too
just checked your radar to see if there's any
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Halo 2 Legendary Walkthrough: Mission 8 - Sacred Icon

512 Folder Collection
Mine Shi Lee published on December 11, 2016
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