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  • Today, Uber launched the world largest fleet of self-driving taxies.

  • And these vehicles are now carrying passengers around Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, just like any other Uber would.

  • The San Francisco-based company has outputted more than a dozen Ford Fusion cars with lasers, cameras and GPS sensors

  • so that they can sense the environment around them and drive safely to all kind of conditions,

  • including snow, and bridges, and crowded streets.

  • In the back of the car is a screen that passengers can swipe to begin the trip.

  • and it also displays exactly what the car is seeing in real time through its ray of sensors

  • Well, these cars represent today's state-of-the-art technology.

  • They are not free of human just yet.

  • Each self-driving car has two Uber employees in front.

  • A back-up driver in the driver seat and an engineer who takes notes on each ride.

  • So now, I am actually going to be able to test out one of these cars for myself

  • and sit behind the wheel in one of Uber's self-driving cars.

  • Let's see how it goes.

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  • Uber's goal is for its cars to be fully autonomous and self-driving.

  • But now human intervention is still needed sometimes.

  • As I was driving, I had to keep my hands on the wheel and watch the road.

  • In our ten-minute ride, I never needed to take over the car,

  • but I was to told to keep my foot over the brake, just in case.

  • So here I am behind the driver's wheel and...

  • look at my hands.

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  • So the ride was pretty smooth.

  • The car could use blinkers and turn, brake, accelerate all that with no help from me.

  • And when you are in the driver seat, you're supposed to keep your hands on the wheel just in case you need to take back control.

  • The only thing car can't do yet is change lanes, but that's coming soon.

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  • Uber is still building its fleet and plans to have dozens of self-driving cars available to passengers in Pittsburgh by the end of this year.

  • In addition to the Ford Fusion like the one I rode in, they will also be introducing self-driving Volvos,

  • which the company calls their second generation of self-driving cars.


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