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What's up guys it is Jack and Geoff from doing Fails of the Weak volume 69
[laughing] Hehe, teehee. I'm twelve
I know you are
Alright so lets begin this thing
So this is 'newghost9' whose ah, watching the zombie rain
It's a little bit, [laughing], so the guys hold up down there
and I guess the zombies are trying to make it to him and
and not doing such a good job, not really
he's just kind of like "Huh? Well Alright"
I love how he's not even shooting at em', they're just like "alright", just falling to their deaths
He's just like noop da doo [laughing]
He's like "Huh? What was that? Huh? Aah. Ok
Da doo [laughing]
Alright. It's like lemmings
So here's 'StoutishTurtle6', I don't know if you caught that or not
I didn't catch anything
So I think the dude in white um, so like they're shooting concussion rifles at each other. Uh hu.
And just watch, like he doesn't actually get hit
But he still dies. Oh yeah.
I think he was just terrified, and like he was like " Oh my god it was so close"
Yeah, that's uh. You gotta hate when that happens
Not a very dignified way to go
Alright, this is 'Baier 97' who sees this elite in firefight mode who decides to go back to his planet
He's like "What does this button do-ooooo!"
I don't know what I'm doing
I mean we've seen that happen to humans a bunch but it's kind of funny to watch i-
That's what happens when you sleep through ghost class.
This is 'for gr8 justice' here, so an- [laughing]
[heavy laughing]
So he was throwing a plasma, and I don't think that could have been timed better, he's like- [laughing]
Here you go, deliver my partner with a plasma stuck to his leg
Alright, so here ah, this is an AI fail
and uh, we got Carter here, who um yeah, what is he shootin' at?
He's making sure that wall you know is ah, yeah, just
He's like "Theres bugs, they're everywhere, they're all over me, get em' off!"
"Kat help me, seriously, I saw a spider!"
"It's on the wall. You know how I feel, I'm allergic to bees."
Oh dumb Carter, alright here's 'Ghost 141', and a little boot, I think that's actually, is that Jun?
Aaah. This is another campaign fail
It's hard to see... From the bottom of the ravine
Yeah, so ah yeah, so he, this ah this hunter here just decides to punt. Poink.
Goes for the field goal. Uppercut. Where the AI. One of the noble five or whatever, noble six, no one of the original noble five I suppose, noble one through five
Sure dude, you're doing a great job. 'PervSpaceMarine', did you catch that? Nooo
Alright, so he chucks a grenade bein' stupid here, and he's gunna throw a grenade at a mine, which is a, smart move
Absolutely. Mine goes off, the grenade does not go off. Ooooh. So the grenade goes backwards
Past his head, and then is going to esplode right here, and it blows up the mine, which in turn kills him
Gotta watch out for that scenario
That guy's forging in Spire too which is-. You don't see that very often
Alright here we go, 'Soundman50000'
What, what, what, augh. Auugh
That's an Installation 04 fail
That was a ballsy move, until he died
He jumped off the ledge to go for this guy
He was like "I got this"
And theeen, nope
Go away! So much better from that angle. Get away!
Aah that's fantastic, alright moving on
So this is aah 'Es Ninja', 'I Es Ninja', and ah yeah, so he's gunna chuck a grenade and boom
So he gets killed, but he also got a double kill
Believe it or not, so he throws his plasma, and the sniper round that's eventually going to kill him
Makes a trip through the, the grenade there first
Ok. Yeah. So he kills those two dudes. And he gets himself killed. And he gets himself killed in the process. That's pretty awesome
That's pretty awesome
Haha, lots of blood and death going on there
That was some good shooting'. Yeah, that was pretty fantastic
Alright, so this is ah 'Maniac Marston'
I don't think I have to explain whats going on here
[more laughing]
Oh god, we've lost Geoff
Oh my god
[Even more laughing]
Yep, that's pretty much ah
He's doing the worm. That's pretty much the best thing ever
Right so he's just chilling there
Oh man, I could watch this all day long. I know
This could be my screensaver
Somebody needs to make that an animated gif, that initial spin thing
But hey if you have a fail like that send it to, describe it in detail
And follow the path and thingy, whatever and watch our previous stuff, we love you!
Subtitles by Bacarella
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Funny Halo 4 Bloopers and Screw Ups! – Fails of the Weak #69

96 Folder Collection
Mine Shi Lee published on December 9, 2016
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