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  • In the world of Strange Anime Licenses, Shin-chan is king. The manga, and in fact the show itself,

  • make little to no sense on their crudely-drawn, misshapen faces, and the dubbed version widely

  • available in the States is... well, let�s just say it follows more closely in thelet�s

  • just write an entirely new script for this source materialtradition established by

  • such gems as The Super Milk-Chan Show and, of course, Samurai Pizza Cats. So I went into

  • this game, not knowing what to expect... and then THIS showed up. Inti Creates? The same

  • team that made the Mega Man Zero series, the Mega Man ZX series, and Mega Men 9 and 10?

  • Suddenly, my spirits rose. Perhaps I�d be able to make it through this al... kid�s

  • waving his ass in the air. Strike what I just said. I still don�t know what to make of

  • this.

  • In an absolutely twisted example of self-referential humor, Shin-chan and his family have taken

  • a vacation to CINEMALAND! Where the movies come to life! Which movies? Well, the first

  • four Crayon Shin-chan movies, released between 1993 and 1996. So he�s at a theme park,

  • reliving... the movies he himself was in, action-platforming around and collecting freeze-frame

  • cards that can be viewed in the collection mode from the main menu. Remember how I mentioned

  • that Inti Creates created this monstrosity? Fittingly, the gameplay is... much better

  • than it has any business being. Throughout his travels in each of the four films, Shin-chan

  • can collect new outfits that, after a quick change of wardrobe, bestow various powers.

  • Yes, youre witnessing the best use of a Frog Suit since Super Mario Bros. 3. Dude

  • can even tongue-swing. TONGUE-SWING. And jump on ninja.

  • Also helping out in the cinematic peace-making effort is Shin-chan�s family, whether it

  • be digging for buried items, giving a springboard-style boost, or EXECUTING AN ATOMIC LEG DROP STRAIGHT

  • THROUGH THE FLOOR. Hulk Hogan would be proud, mom. There�s triangle jumping, body-contorting,

  • some... really weird-looking enemies... and beneath all of it, an incredibly solid game

  • thatll appeal - at least in that regard - to any fan of quality action-platformers.

  • Normally, a game this... let�s call iteclectic,� that�s a nice euphemism... Normally, a game

  • this eclectic would have no business leaving Japan, where such strangeness can be somewhat

  • justified by a cultural connection via a 20-year-long manga series and associated media offerings.

  • But thanks to a remarkably successful run on television, both of the Shin-chan GBA titles

  • were localized and published in... Spain. The rest of Europe gets the finger, America�s

  • still wondering what all the fuss is about, but Spain gets one of the better GBA platformers

  • I�ve experienced. I blame Manuel. And Felicity in Worcestershire, for that matter, though

  • I�m fairly sure Fawlty Towers was in Torquay...

In the world of Strange Anime Licenses, Shin-chan is king. The manga, and in fact the show itself,

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