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Noct...is that...?
Yeah. No doubt about it.
That's definitely...
Focus, Prompto!
Sorry! It's just...isn't that a daemon!?
Ignis! Don't tell me the empire's usin' daemons now!
I'm as surprised as you, even considering who we're up against.
Never thought I'd see this stupid snake again.
Guess it means the empire was behind that, too.
She's outta control!
Noct! Let's pull back for now.
Even His Majesty failed to slay this serpent.
You don't stand a chance as you are—
I didn't ask for your opinion!
Things are different now.
The fireflies were so pretty. Shoulda brought a bottle...
Your father will be happy just to hear about your day, Prince Noctis.
It's such a pity he couldn't make it today.
He doesn't care.
What was that!?
Oh no!
I'll have a look.
A daemon!?
What is it doing here!?
Have they broken the Wall!?
Protect the prince!
Check for survivors!
Your Highness.
Are you all right, Noct?
We gotta get outta here!
Then go!
But I'm staying.
Sorry. Just had to cool off.
You're not in this alone, y'know.
It's not over yet.
This plebe's got your back!
Ready, Noct?
As ever.
Then let's go.
You look like a real snake now!
Is it dead?
It's dead…
It's dead!
I won't let anyone hurt you.
So what're we gonna do when we get to Altissia?
Dunno. What's say we crush the empire?
We can't let them get away with what they did to Lucis.
Think we can do it? It's four of us against all of them.
You can call it quits if you're scared.
We got a job to do, but you're free to go.
"Go"!? After all we've been through?
But I—
You're pissed.
You're pissed they took what's ours, and you wanna take it back.
So do we.
Think you can handle that?
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared,
but we gotta take it back.
No, we will take it back!
I can't wait till we get to Altissia!
You just wanna meet Lady Luna, don't you?
She might just wanna see me, y'know.
What!? But you said I could meet her!
Did I?
You did! I gotta meet her, Noct! C'mon, Noct!
Give it a rest, Prompto!
Settle down, or you'll sway the car!
But Noct's breakin' his promise!
I need a nap.
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Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV – Episode 5 (multi-language subtitles) "The Warmth of Light"

302 Folder Collection
Po-ching Tsai published on December 7, 2016
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