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Looks like meat's on the menu tonight!
Not so fast. We've got company.
And they don't look too happy.
Damn... Like one wasn't bad enough.
Guess we're in for a feast tonight!
Uh oh, they found us!
What timing.
Should we run?
And leave the meat?
I don't want to, but—
Sweet! We lucked out!
Don't speak too soon!
You really are the king's shield!
How are you holding up?
I could do this all day.
We'll let the numbers decide who eats like a king tonight.
That a challenge?
If you can make it one.
You can do better than that.
It's dinner time.
So how are your classes?
Our definitions of "fine" aren't the same, you know.
But as long as you're enjoying yourself…
You didn't eat your carrots.
I hate carrots.
That stuck-up prince!
You said something mean! I'm telling Papa!
Haha! Stop it, Gladdy!
Just blowing off some steam.
Do you really hate him?
Yeah, I hate that spineless brat from the bottom of my heart.
But, isn't it your job to protect him?
You're supposed to be the king's shield, just like Papa!
If it were King Regis, yeah.
But I'll never protect that punk.
Not like he'll ever be king anyway.
Wait—how come?
Go to bed!
Tell me, tell me, tell me!
I said "go to bed"!
You dummy, what're you doing here?
I'm not a dummy. You're a dummy!
Did you come here alone?
Yep! I came to see Noct.
What? You know you can't—
Why? You see him all the time!
Because it's my job!
No fair, no fair, no fair!
Shall I ask for an audience with the prince?
Yay! Thank you!
Now stay here. They're asking the prince right now.
Where're you going?
Back to work.
Prince Noctis, where are you going?
For a walk.
Where's Prince Noctis?
They're so shiny! I'll give them to Gladdy.
Where'd she go?
He's gone!?
He hasn't returned from his walk yet.
Where the hell'd he go?
Iris, you need to go—
Hello!? Hello!?
Come on, let's head back.
What's your name?
Do you know the way?
Yep. I come here to play sometimes.
Even though you're the prince?
Even though I'm the prince.
That exit will be our little secret, okay?
My brother's gonna be so mad...
Your brother?
Where were you!?
You had me worried sick!
Well? Say something!
What's all the commotion, Gladiolus?
My sister went missing and caused an uproar in the palace-
It wasn't Iris's fault.
Tell me what happened.
I went outside to play earlier and asked her to come with me.
You are a child of royalty.
Do you understand you are in no position to simply leave the palace without telling anyone?
Did you ever consider your carelessness might be putting Iris in danger?
You're grounded.
Now go take a bath.
My sincerest apologies to the both of you.
No. It was my fault for taking my eyes off of her.
A-actually... It wasn't Noct's fault.
I was chasing a kitty and got lost…
Then Noct...saved me.
He saved you?
Like I'm gonna believe that.
It's true!
But he said he asked you to—
I'm sorry.
What, done already?
Project from my tutor.
I have to do it 'cause I'm grounded.
Even if you can't go out, you can still train, right?
I think I've got enough to do already.
Come on, you're not the only one being punished here.
Get up!
Dang it!
You still got a long way to go.
But... You got guts.
Iris told me the whole story.
What story?
The real one, where you covered for her.
Thank you.
You don't need to...
But that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you.
You got a lot to learn before you're king.
Then teach me.
That's why I'm here.
This time, I won't lose!
Give it your best shot.
Whew, I'm beat!
Time for steak?
Not until we replenish our spice supply.
We'll have to return to town and buy more.
Can't you buy them in the next town?
It's quite a distance.
But I'm starving now!
So what's the score?
Four here.
Damn. Me, too.
Ugh, I can't win.
I ain't gonna make it easy for you.
Now who's ready for some steak?
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Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV - Episode 3 (multi-language subtitles): “Sword and Shield”

173 Folder Collection
Po-ching Tsai published on December 7, 2016
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