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Halloween, of course, is fun for adults, but it really is all about kids.
I don't have kids of my own,
which is why I get to have my bouncy castle all for myself.
if you haven't figured out what your kids are going to be,
I came up with a few ideas.
And I am going to show you a few of them right now.
So, this year Apple took the headphone jack out of the iPhone,
so you probably have a lot of useless earphones around your house.
So you can use them to make this first costume.
Come on out.
[APPLAUSE] Hi, look at that.
[APPLAUSE] Here you can stand right there,
what is your name?
How old are you, Janice?
Five years old?
What grade are you in?
Kindergarten, and do you know what you are?
What are you?
An iPhone earphone mummy.
An iPhone earphone mummy?
[LAUGH] Do you like the outfit?
Kind of.
[LAUGH] Not completely,
not sold on it completely?
All right, well I think you look really good.
Let me give you some candy, cuz you're not thrilled with your outfit, all right?
[APPLAUSE] All right, head on over there.
[APPLAUSE] If your kid doesn't wanted to be a pirate or a princess,
they could be one of these, come on out.
Hi there, okay, you can stop now.
What's your name?
And how old are you?
Four years old, are you in school?
Okay, wonderful, and you are?
And you are how old?
Eight, and what grade are you in?
Okay, second grade, and what are you?
A piece of cake.
You're a piece of cake?
[LAUGH] I'm grande cup.
You're a grande coffee.
[LAUGH] Okay,
I'm going to make you more current right now, if I can just help you out.
Okay, first of all, you.
You're a Ariana Grande now.
And you, here,
hold on.
You have to turn around, face the audience, so they can see what you are.
You are cake by the ocean.
All right, get some candy for you,
some fell down, and some candy for you.
All right, the rest are there.
[LAUGH] All right, head there, oh you want that one,
you're not gonna move until you get it.
[LAUGH] All right,
these next costumes were inspired by my new app, come on out.
[APPLAUSE] You go right there,
and you go next, okay.
Hi, what's your name?
And how old are you?
And what grade are you in?
I'm in kindergarten.
Kindergarten, and you are?
>> I'm- >> What's your name?
And how old are you?
And what grade are you in?
I'm in pre-school and I'm almost at kindergarten.
Ok, almost in kindergarten.
And you are?
Wonderful, okay now here, you face this way let me show you what everybody is.
Cuz this is actually, well do you know what you are?
You're me, right?
[LAUGH] This is the best-
This is really,
this is the cutest little product placement I've ever seen.
[LAUGH] So you are Ellen's Emoji Exploji.
[LAUGH] So you're my new app
All right, there you go, candy for you.
I'm spilling some, I'm no good at this, all right,
and then candy for you, and candy for you.
All right, thank you all, you can head on over there.
[APPLAUSE] This next
costume is also something that I featured on my show this year, come on out.
[APPLAUSE] Okay, hi, what's your name?
Olivia, how old are you Olivia?
Second grade.
Second grade.
So six, five, six, seven?
Okay, good.
All right, you do not look dressed up, what are you?
I am Shiney Hiney.
Turn around let me see.
She's the Shiney Hiney.
[APPLAUSE] Kids make everything adorable.
There's your Shiny Hiney right there, you can hold on to that.
And then, now I'll give you this, all right,
thank you so much, Miss Shiny Hiney.
[APPLAUSE] You're really
trying to figure out how to sit down in that aren't you?
[LAUGH] This next costume is based on someone
that you heard a lot about over the summer, come on out.
What's your name?
Anthony, how old are you?
What grade are you, I'm gonna guess you're in first or second grade?
[LAUGH] Kindergarten.
Kindergarten, okay, and who are you?
Ryan Lochte.
That's right.
Ryan Lochte, hold on, hold on,
you get candy for that.
Kids love topical puns, I'll tell you that.
[LAUGH] All right, thank you, Ryan Lochte.
And finally, it's an election year, and
this next costume was inspired by one of the presidential candidates, come on out.
Hi, there, what's your name?
Johnna, how old are you?
And what grade are you in?
All right, and do you know what you are?
Trump's wall.
[LAUGH] You're Trump's wall, that's right.
And if you don't give her candy, she's gonna complain Halloween is rigged, so
make sure you give her candy.
All right.
[LAUGH] Everybody having fun over there?
[LAUGH] How you doing over here, okay?
All right, good.
I can't see anything.
All right, you can't see anything?
You all look great, thanks for helping me out.
You're all going to get a $200 Target gift card.
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Ellen's Kid Costume Ideas

7319 Folder Collection
王子安 published on December 3, 2016    Amber Li translated    Evangeline reviewed
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