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  • (singing )

  • Oh! Who did that?

  • It wasn't me! Girls don't poop.

  • Well, someone pooped.

  • So, how many times you've been out with?

  • (sigh) Three.

  • How's that make you feel?

  • Happy.

  • Good. It's good.

  • - That's really good. - Excellent.

  • Why would you do that?

  • Her relationship fix is very complicated.

  • He is the worst.

  • Well, not as bad as Mailey Though.

  • Ok, don't even get me started.

  • Hold on, I gotta stay strong. Listen to the sound. ♪

  • (facepalm)

  • Have you been texting your ex?

  • No.

  • Elliot, this is a safe space.

  • Maybe.


  • Why would LeBron do that?

  • Because he's a god damn winner, that's why.

  • Yeah, but he's not as good as Kevin Durant, right?

  • Don't even get me started!

  • Of my voice, I know you've got a heart of a champion. ♪

  • It's one of my favorite... (knock)

  • What do you think?

  • You're wearing that on a date?

  • Yeah, where are you going? TGI Friday's?

  • Yea, actually.

  • - Oh, ehhh, I would still change. - Yeah.

  • That looks like my shirt.

  • That's totally your shirt.

  • (Shocked)

  • Hey guys, this is my friend Sasha.

  • - Hi. - These are my roomates. Ehh, I'll be right back in a second

  • - I love this outfit on you. - Oh, thank you. - Yea, super cute.

  • Oh my god, sometimes he cries in the sleep.

  • Oh the night bowling?

  • Good night.

  • And I caught him in the bathtub with a martini, which is like...

  • What did you tell her?

  • Listen to the sound of my voice, I know you've got the heart of a chamipion. ♪

(singing )

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