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  • [TV: Can a truck change how people feel about a guy?]

  • [TV: Which man is sexier?]

  • [TV: Truck!]

  • [TV: That man has way more sex appeal]

  • That’s a man wearing the pants, so that shows that men are in charge.

  • Manly means to not cry, not be a sissy.

  • Men like work hard and they do all the sports and stuff.

  • Roar

  • Man upmeans toughen up and unemotionally go through it.

  • I like drawing and I like birds and flowers.

  • It’s sorta like very stereotypical to assume that only girls can wear pink and play with

  • princess dolls.

  • You should be able to do your own things and do what you want.

  • Some people don’t like what the stereotype is.

  • My brother is the same size in clothes as my mom. Sometimes he like wears her shoes

  • or her jacket or something.

  • My uncle is a chef and my dad cooks like all of our food.

  • Crafting. I love crafting.

  • Origami sometimes.

  • And I also like to do those things because that’s me. That’s who I am.

  • I enjoy hip hop when it was just one other boy. When it was just us and four other girls.

  • I play with girl toys and boy toys. I don’t really care which one is meant for boys

  • or for girls. I just play with them. Theyre toys.

  • If I were to describe the perfect man, the words would be smart, not judgy, and kind.

  • And he likes caring for animals.

  • If you try to go against stereotypes, then you can.

  • When you go your own way, it feels good because you free and you can do what you want to do

  • and not what other people say.

[TV: Can a truck change how people feel about a guy?]

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