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Hello it's Ray. Today I'll teach you 10 useful English phrases!
Do you want to amaze foreigners with just 1 English phrase?
Today I'll teach you 10 phrases!
10 useful phrases that you can use in daily life!
Later I'll show you the English phrase and its Chinese translation
and then I'll apply it to a situation
We'll have a conversation to help you know how to use it
Remember to turn on CC
It's down here for computers, and up there for cellphones
Turn it on and then you can see the Chinese translation of all the English conversations
Let's go~
Going to the gym is so much fun, you should try it!
Sure. I'll give it a shot, is it expensive though?
Nah! The membership's only $20,000 a month
Oh yeah...
Wait! That's more than my rent!
Hey, do you know how to solve this math problem?
I don't know
It's not that hard, can you make sense of this?
I have no idea
Can you just try and look at it for me?
Dude, go find someone else! I can only do one plus one
You look so stupid in that hat
What? My mom bought me this hat
Woah. Don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to help here
Hey! When are you gonna give me back my money?
I'm a bit short on cash right now. But I'll give it back to you as soon as possible. You have my word
Dude, you owe me just like 50 NT
Can you buy this dress for me?
I can't afford it
Can you buy this bag for me?
I can't afford it
Can you...
I can't afford it!
Hey, are you coming to the party?
Right, about that, can I take a rain check? I've got things to work on tonight
Okay, sure. Claire's gonna be here though
You know what? Actually, I'm gonna be right over
Hey, can you review this presentation real quick?
Sorry boss. I don't have time. You just gave me three proposals to finish, remember?
So, can you look at it for me?
Of course
You've got to do it! Go ask for your raise! You deserve it!
Okay, okay. I got this. I got this. I'm gonna do it. Wish me luck
Okay! I'm rooting for you
She's so fired
Hi it's me! Are you free to talk?
Hang on a sec, I'm already in a phone call. I'll put you on hold
God, that idiot is calling me again. I had to put her on hold
Uh... It's still me
Why didn't you help with the dishes?
I had a fight with my girlfriend. I'm not in the mood
Do you need a slap in your face? You do not have a girlfriend
Have you guys completely learned all these 10 phrases?
They are all very colloquial and practical!
Hope they're useful for you guys!
If you have any advice or topic recommendation for this series, 10 common English phrases
please leave your comments down below
such as love confessions, complaints, orders, and so on. All are welcome!
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I also have a Facebook and Instagram account
You can find me by typing in Ray Du English or 阿滴英文!
And that is a wrap, thank you guys for watching
as always, and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya!
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10 Common English Phrases

30621 Folder Collection
Allen published on November 27, 2016
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