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What’s up guys it’s me Jeremy!
So Camille is finally out on the pbe, and I was pretty excited to play her right off
the bat since I felt like my predictions and speculations for her abilities turned out
to be pretty accurate actually!
Well to be fair I can’t say that the predictions were too difficult to make, but still I’m
happy about that one, and man I gotta say after playing her in a bunch of games, this
might actually be the most entertaining champion to play riot has released all year.
She was seriously an absolute blast to play and you guys are gonna love her I can guarantee
And we also got to play on the new winter map since the PBE is set up to test out that
map that’s gonna be coming soon!
And of course I wanted to goto the PBE to try with the goal of trying to figure out,
just how good is Camille?
And if you enjoy the video hit that like button and lets begin!
So Camille is definitely by far designed to be a top laner for sure.
She could definitely work as a mid laner or maybe even as a jungler, but having access
to the walls and open space of top lane is really powerful to her, and she has much stronger
matchups in top lane anyway since she probably has a rough time versus utility mages in lane,
although I could definitely see her working as like an anti assassin counterpick in the
mid lane kind of like irelia mid or something similar.
And she really deliverys on the overall style that she was intended to be designed with,
essentially she works as an anti-assassin assassin pretty much, or about as close as
you could get to that sort of style.
She’s got a lot of bruiser tendencies and is a great duelist, but also has a lot of
assassin-esque capabilities that all flow together quite nicely and make her feel super
slick and a total blast.
Her laning phase is pretty solid, I’m not gonna say that it was super insane, but she
has a lot of nice tools at her disposal.
Her W gives her some nice sustain in case you lose out on trades, and her passive is
really amazing for short quick trades every now and then.
With top lane since you have a bunch of walls to work with, it’s not too difficult to
just initiate off of a wall, land a stun, combo your damage, and then either back off
and wait for your passive to come up again, or just go for the all-in kill.
At first she’s not like super crazy, she can be vulnerable to harass potentially since
her passive has a somewhat long cooldown, but what really seals her for me, is because
of her ultimate, she just snowballs like crazy.
If she gets ahead in lane she can just ult and get kills over and over and over again,
so she snowballs pretty hard for sure, and with decent trading power it’s not too difficult
to get that initial lead as well.
Her teamfights are pretty interesting, since your ultimate causes all nearby opponents
that are not the target of the ability to get knock backed, a pretty large distance
actually they get knocked just outside of the ultimate radius, which is kind of insane
since it gives you the ability to actually be able to just straight up jump in and try
to burst down a target, so it actually gives her some strong initiation power, which is
a big advantage that she has over the more traditional assassin champions.
Her ultimate also makes her a lot more reliable at locking down a target, which is again another
advantage over a more traditional assassin.
She lacks the burst and one shot power that a full damage assassin might have, but it
makes her generally a lot more useful in teamfights since she can fulfill the role of a true assassin,
a bruiser, or even a front line tank if necessary, and the added crowd control from her ultimate
puts in a lot of work as well.
She’s also great at cleaning up since her E chases people down really well, and overall
her utility makes her shine nicely in teamfights for sure.
She’s not as strong at splitpushing or some of the more unconventional strategies compares
to a regular assassin, since she lacks waveclear, and her burst isn’t super amazing, it’s
more a decent amount of sustained dps over time in chunks with triforce procs mixed in
and stuff, but she can definitely make a lot of plays happen in the mid and late game.
So next let’s take an in-depth look at her abilities.
Now I’m going to assume you already know roughly what her abilities do or at least
that you have read the champion reveal that was released on leagueoflegends.com.
Starting with her passive.
Now the really interesting thing about this ability, is that the shield is determined
based on the opponent.
You know it gives a shield of ap or ad based on what the opponent is, and what type of
shield you get is actually calculated by the damage that the opponent has done throughout
the game.
If the opponent has dealt more magic damage in the game thus far, it gives her a magic
shield, and if the opponent has dealt more physical damage throughout the game it gives
her a physical damage shield.
Now that dynamic makes the passive super reliable and really effective, so it actually pulls
quite a bit of weight and gives her an awesome dueling power.
Also this passive is crazy during the laning phase, it’s definitely her number one tool,
her bread and butter for winning trades, and using the passive effectively will allow you
to dominate a ton of matchups.
Her Q is an ability that was a little bit finicky at first when I started playing her.
It took me about a game or two to get used to the delay on the second activation to get
the increased damage and partial true damage, but when you wait for the delay the second
part of this ability does a nice chunk of damage for sure.
It’s also an auto attack reset, both procs are an auto reset actually, so this q gives
her quite a nice bit of burst if you use it to the max potential, because you can auto
attack, reset your auto by using the Q, fit in two auto attacks while you wait for the
delay and then you can reset your auto again for the second proc of Q with some true damage.
All of that can be done in about two seconds so it gives her a pretty nice chunk of damage
on a somewhat short cooldown.
Her Q is probably the best ability to max first as well, it’s just her main tool for
dealing damage.
It also procs tri force super well since the delay on the second proc is 1.5 seconds, the
exact delay of the sheen proc cooldown.
So this ability makes triforce pretty much a must buy on her, it’s just way too good
for the combo.
Her W is definitely her weakest ability for one main reason, you can’t actually attack
during the cast animation.
It has a really long animation, and I found myself losing a lot of damage in fights actually
because I mistakenly chose to cast my w when I could have autoed twice instead.
That said though the slow on it is super powerful, and it actually has a pretty nice heal on
it too.
The heal has a small cap against minions, but her gives her a relevant amount of sustain
in lane as well as some percent max hp damage, which gives her a lot of power against tanks,
again making her an even better fit for the top lane.
Now her W doesn’t do a lot of damage, so when I tried maxing it first, it actually
felt quite weak.
In certain matchups you might be able to max it second, but I would recommend maxing W
Next up we have her E, and oh man this ability.
The main thing that makes it super crazy is that the actual range on this ability is pretty
Even if you are using it as an escape, it’s got an awesome range, and when you use it
towards an enemy champion the range of the second dash gets pretty much doubled, so it
becomes an awesome initiation tool, some nice crowd control utility, and it’s just such
a dynamic and versatile ability that is also so much fun to use, zipping off walls and
stuff this ability is a big part of what made her super-duper fun for me.
Now on paper maybe this ability doesn’t look that crazy necessarily, but the overall
versatility combed with the pretty ridiculous range made this a super powerful tool that
allows you to do so much.
You can make plays, pick off targets, initiate fights, make your escape, or just get back
to lane faster.
This is the ability that I found worked really well when maxing second!
And now we have her ultimate, so this ability
is something that gives her an advantage which is probably going to make her quite powerful,
so unlike other more traditional assassins, Camille’s ultimate gives her reliability,
which is something most assassins definitely lack.
She completely denies any escape possibilities of opponents, where the idea is that the opponents
are supposed to help protect their teammate in the area, but in 1v1 scenarios, or in situations
where you have teammates to help dive in with you, it’s just such a powerful tool that
you can use, and since it gives her bonus magic damage which is a small flat amount
plus percent current hp damage, it gives her kill pressure in lane versus tanks as well.
It’s a pretty crazy tool and makes her a really powerful carry champion since it makes
it a lot easier for you to out-carry an opponent who is doing well, say if your mid or bot
lane feeds really hard or something.
I’m not sure if this ability is exactly healthy or balanced, but it does give her
something really unique and makes it so that she will always bring something to the table
and can’t really get outclassed by anyone in certain situations.
Overall In the state that I played her in, I have to say she did feel reasonably powerful.
She definitely has a lot of really awesome tools so I would say that she is probably
borderline overloaded, and that alone is likely going to be enough to make her an extremely
competitive pick for quite some time I would expect.
She doesn’t quite bring the damage that a more traditional assassin champion might,
but what she lacks in raw burst potential, she makes up for with reliability and utility,
and since there is literally no way to play around her ultimate, she will just take a
lead and dominate an entire game with a crazy snowball.
The ultimate is designed to make it so that the proper counterplay is having your team
assist you, but if you have a lead, or if you’re playing soloq where most teams will
be uncoordinated, she seriously has insane potential to carry because of that ability.
I don’t like saying that champions are completely broken or super overpowered after playing
them on pbe, because the pbe is a really sketchy server, you know there’s no real matchmaking
since everyone has a fresh account, and a lot of the times you just play against people
that are significiantly under your skill level so you could stomp with even the worst champion
But I will say that she plays really well, she has a ton of tools at her disposal, and
she brings a lot of significant advantages that cause her to outclass a lot of other
champions, potentially even other full on assassin champions, and she definitely did
not feel weak.
Except for when I tried maxing W, yeah don’t max W first on her.
Either way though, that’s just about gonna wrap up all of my thoughts on Camille thus
Again she was super super fun to play, so I definitely recommend trying her out when
you get the chance, either on the PBE for yourself, on launch, or a couple weeks after
launch when she joins the free champion rotation.
But looks like that’s gonna be it from me, if you guys enjoyed the video hit that like
button, subscribe if you want, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys next time!
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How Good is CAMILLE? - League of Legends

113 Folder Collection
Zhong Dingkai published on November 27, 2016
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